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2017 Session | WORK IT: The Secret for Success for Women in Business Today

We’re told to “lean in” or be a “#girlboss.” We devour articles, books, and fortune cookies looking for answers, desperate for a tool that will unlock our potential and help us “have it all.” But the truth is that there’s no single tool, and “having it all” doesn’t mean the same thing to every woman. There’s no one right way to achieve success. There’s only your way. In this hands-on workshop, attendees will build their own toolset for achieving their specific goals in work, leadership, and life. They’ll learn how to better listen to their gut, create valuable connections with anyone in the world, and define and leverage their unique personal brand. Read More

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2017 Session | Strategies for Closing the Diversity Gap

We’ve all seen the research – companies with diverse boards and management teams outperform those that lag in diversity. But closing a diversity gap requires a commitment from the top and buy-in from the middle of organizations. Join a panel of State Street’s “Leading Women” as they discuss strategies to drive cultural change, mentor and empower courageous women, and engage men to foster more diverse and inclusive organizations.

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2017 Session | The User Manual: Instructions for How You Work as a Manager

Products come with user manuals – but people don’t. And we all have our quirks — the little things that annoy or delight us; the times of day we work best; the way we like to give and get feedback. Why not be up front about them with our employees, teams and colleagues, and develop a “user manual’ that captures our particular working style? Creating your own user manual can be a great exercise in self-reflection and when shared with others, this tool can be useful to highlight team dynamics and spark healthy dialogue around how to most effectively work with one another. In this session, attendees will learn how business leaders can use this tool to foster better teamwork, increase productivity and ultimately improve your management skills. Using interactive exercises, you will dive right into the steps involved to create your own user manual to share with your supervisor, your department or your company when you return back to the office! Read More

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2017 Session | Challenging the Status Quo

Sometimes, to make impactful changes you need to challenge the status quo – whether it’s in your industry, your career or your life. Yet many leaders chronically reject creative solutions and often embrace the familiar, even as they profess commitment to innovation. Could people love but also hate creative ideas? Could the mindset we use to evaluate ideas turn this love or hate on or off—in an instant? Do experts struggle even more than novices with this bias? And even more startling, could the “best practices” that organizations employ to manage innovation activate this bias, and inadvertently, kill innovation? Drawing on Wharton professor Jennifer Mueller’s expertise along with a panel of pioneers from the frontlines, we will address the tough questions; learn best practices to self-disrupt your current mindset and recognize creative opportunity; and explore how to overcome other peoples’ sticky preference for the status quo. Attendees will leave armed with strategies for introducing and maintaining a culture of change and feel confident to challenge the status quo. Read More

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2017 Session | ENCORE: The Joy Manifesto: Life Hacks for Life Zen

Busy has become a way of life – an epidemic of sorts. We complain about “how busy we are” yet do we secretly like it? When did busy become a badge of honor? Is it cool or is it just a facade for us to hide behind? Our perception of our busyness, doesn’t just give us something to talk about, it allows us to create chaos and obstacles that prevent us from living life to its fullest. Attend this session for a fresh approach to finding some much needed space and balance. Led by author, joy seeker and creator of The Joy Manifesto, Gretchen Stewart will offer step by step instructions along with simple life hacks on how to create and manifest what brings you joy.  From organizational tools to creating mindful habits this session will arm you with an ability to actually welcome a little less busy and embrace a lot more joy! Read More

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