Carla Harris at the 2016 MA Conference for Women

“Your authenticity is indeed at the heart of your power. It is your distinct competitive advantage. Because nobody can be you the way you can be you.”—Carla Harris, Wall Street powerhouse and author, Expect to Win

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Anita Hill at the 2016 MA Conference for Women

“Equality demands that women’s lives and their work be valued the same as men.”—Anita Hill, pioneer for civil rights, professor, Brandeis University and author, Speaking the Truth

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Kevin O’Leary at the 2016 MA Conference for Women

“Not some of my returns—all of my returns have come from companies either owned or operated by women.” —Kevin O’Leary, leading business mogul, entrepreneur and judge, Shark Tank

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Maria Tedesco at the 2014 MA Conference for Women

“Often when you’re a certain, age you tend to be more timid; you tend to work really hard and hope someone notices… and that doesn’t always happen.” —Maria Tedesco, Managing Director of Retail, Santander Bank

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Mary Beth Moynihan at the 2014 MA Conference for Women

“No one cares more about your career than you do. So own it, define it, and invest in it.”—Mary Beth Moynihan, Senior Vice President at Boston Scientific, explains why her company supports the MA Conference for Women and what advice she would give her younger self.

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