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How Women Can Get Ahead in Technology

Gina-HelfrichWhat’s really holding women back in technology? You may have read about the “pipeline problem”—girls don’t study science, technology, engineering or math in equal numbers to boys—but that’s a red herring, says Gina Helfrich, founder and organizer of Feminist Hack ATX.

“The biggest obstacle, in my opinion, is poor retention numbers,” Helfrich says. “Research shows that more than half of women in technology leave the field by mid-career.” Read More

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Yes, You Can Become a Natural at Public Speaking

Patty Chang Anker sqSeeing Patty Chang Anker speak at the Conference for Women, you would never guess that she still occasionally gets performance anxiety. “There have been times when I was in the bathroom before going on stage and felt like I didn’t want to come out,” says Anker, laughing. “Woolly mouth? Pounding heart? Dizziness? I’ve had them all.” Read More

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For Accelerating Your Career, Mentorship Is Great—But Sponsorship Is Better

Deb-Pine-BentleyBy Deb Pine, Executive Director, Center for Women and Business at Bentley University

Despite our strong mentor networks, women remain underrepresented in senior leadership and board roles. The 2016 McKinsey/LeanIn study “Women in the Workplace” found that women hold 46 percent of professional, entry-level positions but only 19 percent of C-suite roles. Does this mean that our mentors are failing us? No. Mentors are critical to guiding women on how to advance their careers—what to know, who to know and where the opportunities may lie.

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Kara Swisher on Taking Risks and Having No Regrets

Kara SwisherIf there’s one thing you notice right off the bat about Kara Swisher, it’s that the executive editor of Recode does not mince words. It could be because she doesn’t have time to run circles around her meaning, but the more she speaks her mind, the more you realize that the tech journalist is simply a straight shooter.  

Yet Swisher is as insightful as she is direct, and the combo makes her bore-proof. See (or read) for yourself: here, she shares what she has learned on her journey from being a corporate employee to startup founder and owner.

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Why Millennials and Gen Zs Hold the Power to Change the Workplace

Deb-Pine-BentleyBy Deb Pine, Executive Director, Center for Women and Business at Bentley University

By now most of us are familiar with the numbers—some promising, some less so—around workplace diversity and women’s advancement.

On the one hand, we’re making progress: women are graduating from college in higher numbers than their male peers, and PEW research shows that millennial women’s hourly earnings are now 93 percent that of men’s as compared to only 84 percent for all women compared to men. Yet we can’t deny that improvement has been glacial at times and that we’ve even lost ground in some places, like the number of CEOs in the S&P 500 declining from a paltry 25 in 2014 to a dismal 21 in 2015.

But enough rehashing of the data—it’s time to look forward, specifically to the 155 million millennials and Gen Zs, who I believe will be both the primary catalysts and greatest beneficiaries of upcoming positive change in workplace culture, diversity and gender parity. Read More

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