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Thinking of Joining a Non-Profit Board?

Gail HunterAbout 20 years ago, when she worked for the Seattle Mariners, Gail Hunter reached out to the YMCA of Greater Seattle about joining its board. “My family had been members forever and it was a big part of my childhood,” says Hunter, now vice president of public affairs and event management for the Golden State Warriors. “I wanted to give back.”

But expanding your network, acquiring new skills or even giving your résumé a boost are all fine reasons for wanting to join a non-profit board, according to Hunter. That is, “as long as you are willing to do the work,” she says. “Organizations need their board members to be committed and active.” Read More

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3 Things You Need to Know About Failure

Jessica LaheyIf the thought of your biggest mistakes or failures makes you want to throw up, you’re certainly not alone. That’s how school teacher Jessica Lahey still feels when talking about the first draft of her New York Times best-selling book.

“My editor said it was unpublishable and wanted to bring in a ghost writer,” says Lahey, who wangled a second chance, and after a lot of hard work, redeemed herself—and her writing. Read More

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Office Hours: Help for When a Colleague Makes More Than You

You just found out that a coworker is paid more than you. But the two of you have the same job. What should you do?

You could call your network (and you should). You could also read our new column, “Office Hours,” where we’ll be posing your burning career questions to our board members and other Conference for Women friends.

Here’s what four business leaders from our boards would recommend doing if you’re underpaid—advice you can take to the bank, literally! Read More

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Bringing Men into the Conversation

Deb PineBy Deb Pine, Executive Director, Center for Women and Business, Bentley University

Though the experiences that have catalyzed the #MeToo movement are deeply disturbing, I’m encouraged by the heightened awareness of sexual harassment in the workplace and inspired by the brave women who are speaking out. While the movement has put the spotlight on inappropriate power dynamics, it’s important to recognize the underlying issue: gender inequality in the workplace. Women continue to face conscious and unconscious bias, which limits opportunities for advancement and leadership. In 2017, men held 80 percent of the C-suite level roles in the Fortune 500. Read More

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The Other ‘F’ Word

By Rebekah Riley, Director of PR, Poo~Pourri

Some people are surprised when they find out that Poo~Pourri is a feminist company. Well, what would you really expect from a business that was founded by an audacious female entrepreneur in her kitchen and that’s run today by a 75 percent female workforce? We are feminist through and through, and we like to talk about issues that empower women and girls. We are passionate about female empowerment because we are living proof of what it can do to change our world. Read More

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