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ENCORE | Unstereotype: Tools to Un-Bias the Office | 2019 Session

The unconscious assumptions we all harbor about people who differ from us get in the way of good intentions; can bias our assessments of employees, candidates and clients; and ultimately influence decisions to hire, fire and promote. Leadership expert Deborah Pine will open the session with a brief presentation that challenges your assumptions, takes you outside of your comfort zone and addresses the systemic and institutional biases to which we are all vulnerable. Sharing their personal experiences and advice, a panel of experts will discuss systemic bias, how it’s perpetuated, and how you, as an individual can disrupt its mechanisms to “unstereotype” and un-bias your office!

Thought Leader: Deborah Pine, executive director, Center for Women and Business, Bentley University and Bentley Executive Education 


  • Archana Gilravi, vice president, partnerships, Lean In and podcast host, Unstoppable Women
  • Emma Lees, head oncology research, Bristol-Myers Squibb
  • Hillary Weingast, associate general counsel & head, global inclusion and diversity, Juniper Networks, Inc

Emcee: Jeannette Mills, SVP, safety, health, environmental & assurance, National Grid