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Viral Parenting: Raising Responsible Kids in an Online World | 2019 Session

Raising responsible, safe, and communicative kids in a digital world is challenging yet possible. And although children and teens may fight you, they are quietly begging for boundaries and for parents to set guidelines to help them navigate a complex and pressure filled online landscape.This session will offer practical tools to keep your kids safe in their online lives, and show you how to create stronger family relationships. Attendees will learn about privacy, bullying, respectfulness, and family time, as well as the importance of trust and open communication. These strategies are timeless–whether applied to texting, snapping, Facebooking, kiking, or whatever social media platforms await us in the future. Learn how to integrate family contracts, guided conversations, device checks, and other strategies for teaching children about personal responsibility and safety.


  • Mindy McKnight, YouTube’s favorite mom and author, VIRAL PARENTING and founder, M-Star Media Inc.
  • Shaun McKnight, founder, M-Star Media Inc.

Emcee: Marissa Poole, general manager, Canada, Sanofi