SYS Finalist

Lindsay Schrier: Sharing with the Community

After last year’s conference, and a day of hearing from empowering speakers, I wanted to share what I had learned. I organized a workshop for young women at my high school, using the contacts I made during the Conference. [ more ]

Barbara Hoover: Like Many Other Women

A friend recommended I attend the 2013 Conference. She knew my last five years had been spent as a caretaker and I was feeling isolated. I wanted to give back to the community and I wanted to write. But I felt unworthy. [ more ]

Catherine A. Schaefer: Life Changes at the Exhibition Hall

In 2009, I rented a booth as President of National Association of Women Business Owners Boston. During break, I visited the Big Sister Association booth. Visiting that booth changed my life. [ more ]

Emma Huebenthal: Meeting with Women, Gaining a Sister

George Eliot said it best – “it is never too late to be what you might have been.” Before the 2013 Massachusetts Conference for Women, I had three younger sisters. [ more ]

Anne Jolles: Now What?

It was 2011, the day before the Massachusetts Conference for Women and my phone rang. It was a client and she said, “Hey, I’ve got an extra ticket for a conference tomorrow. Do you want to go?” [ more ]

Judy Giovangelo: A Heartfelt Thanks

I was tremendously blessed to be the recipient of the Be the Change award last year and the result was a reflection of two incredible organizations mirroring the desire to support social change and be extraordinary in the world. [ more ]

Katharine Powell: “This Can’t Work…”

I work in an industry dominated primarily by men. I work in construction. No, I don’t wear a hard hat or Timberland boots, but I know amazing women who do. [ more ]

Heather Bruce: Daring Greatly in Real Life

In her 2012 speech, Dr. Brené Brown challenged me to get in the arena and “dare greatly.” If I failed, I would fail while trying. I spent the next year influencing Senior and Executive Management to sponsor my idea… [ more ]

Maria Crawford: Nurturing Office Culture

In our first year, our team of only 70 raised over $10,500 for charity. Although we’d worked together for years, we all got to know each other for the first time. [ more ]

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