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Lindsay Schrier: Sharing with the Community

SYS Schrier-Lindsayby Lindsay Schrier (left in the photo)

The Massachusetts Conference for Women impacted my life, and my entire community. After last year’s conference, and a day of hearing from empowering speakers, I wanted to share what I had learned.

I organized a workshop for young women at my high school, using the contacts I made during the Conference. I had networked with women from several different career fields. Some of the speakers at my workshop were from College Coach, and shared how to get into, and pay for, college. Therese Jones was from Women In Technology International, and conveyed the importance of women in STEM. Maggie French, a life coach, talked about overcoming career challenges. Amy Richards, a women’s rights activist, spoke about the importance of female mentors. Meryl Kessler, from the League of Women Voters, spoke about how we can support women in politics. Shayna Mahoney, a health coach, explained the importance of living a well-balanced life.

Over 150 girls attended, and were able to connect with accessible female role models. They were able to engage with each other, and become excited about women’s empowerment. My workshop would not have been possible without the networking and inspiration I found at the Massachusetts Conference for Women.

Watch part of the workshop here: