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Catherine A. Schaefer: Life Changes at the Exhibition Hall

SYS Schaefer, Catherine Aby Catherine A. Schaefer, financial advisor, Principal Financial Group

The following is a featured entry in our Share Your Story contest, which celebrates our 10-year anniversary with stories from past attendees.

In 2009, I rented a booth as President of National Association of Women Business Owners Boston. My goal: support women business owners. During break, I visited the Big Sister Association booth. I have five wonderful sisters & it seemed fun to share that feeling with a little girl who needed a big sister.

Visiting that booth changed my life:

-I learned there are many special moments in life having nothing to do with making money.

-My Little Sis taught me by example that I can accomplish more in life without fear.

-When people have bigger dreams than ours, we should give them the courage to reach their dreams regardless of the obstacles they face.

-Our lives continue to change & our connection helped me get through some of the most challenging times, find the humor, give back to those less fortunate, & try new things.

-Because of my positive experience as a Big Sister, I became a single parent as a legal guardian for another little girl who needed someone to care for her full time.

That day at the MA Conference for Women in 2009 not only changed my life but also positively changed the lives of two beautiful girls. Thank you.

SYS - Cathy Shelby Adriana