Nicole Story

“Dooing” Things Differently at Poo HQ

By Nicole Story, VP of Creative, Poo~Pourri At Poo~Pourri, we’re different. Really different. We’re female-led. We talk about poop for a living. And we believe in magic. We, “The Poo Crew,” even wrote a book about our magical beliefs and practices that some might call “woo woo.” It’s called “The Woo of Poo.” But most of these beliefs aren’t, or shouldn’t be, radical. Like cultural equality for women in the … [ more ]

How to Create Video Ads That Go Viral

By Nicole Story, Vice President of Creative, Poo~Pourri As creative director of Poo~Pourri’s new production company, Number Two Productions, I write and direct our digital video ads. Each gets millions of views, likes and shares on platforms like YouTube and Facebook. In fact, our videos have more than 250 million total views, and counting. When people learn that I write Poo~Pourri ads, they often ask, “How do you create videos … [ more ]

‘Teach Yourself and Figure It Out’

By Nicole Story, Vice President of Creative, Poo~Pourri Seven years ago, I was living in my parents’ garage. With an advertising degree from the University of Texas and no job prospects, I was the quintessential definition of a millennial who graduated at the height of the recession. But this wasn’t the first time I’d faced a setback in my young life, and I had developed a mantra to help me … [ more ]

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