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“Dooing” Things Differently at Poo HQ

Nicole StoryBy Nicole Story, VP of Creative, Poo~Pourri

At Poo~Pourri, we’re different. Really different.

We’re female-led. We talk about poop for a living. And we believe in magic.

We, “The Poo Crew,” even wrote a book about our magical beliefs and practices that some might call “woo woo.” It’s called “The Woo of Poo.” But most of these beliefs aren’t, or shouldn’t be, radical. Like cultural equality for women in the workplace or trusting your intuition.

Below are just a few of the woos we live by at Poo~Pourri that we hope someday won’t be so “wacky.” Give them a try. Apply them to your work life. If these topics seem interesting to you, keep an eye out for the hardcover to be available on Warning: the book just might make your life a little easier and lot more magical.

#1. Let it flow.

To let it flow is to stop trying so hard to be successful, happy, fulfilled and peaceful. Let go of all of that, and just be you. This doesn’t mean that you won’t have to put forth energy into your endeavors. In fact, when you are being yourself, your real, full, whole self (not the self you tried to be at your high school reunion), you will put forth exponentially more energy into your dreams—because you will have exponentially more energy at your fingertips. You will be able to hyper-focus your energy when you are in a state of flow. That hyper-focus is how you bring your dreams into reality.

#2. “Doo” it on purpose.

At Poo~Pourri, we don’t just slide into life. We set an intention and commit to it. We “doo” it on purpose. I believe my intentions are the rudders of my life, and where I set them determines where my life takes me. Humans seem to struggle with this concept, and so many people go through life unintentionally—half-asleep, half-awake. At Poo HQ we move into every stage of life deliberately. Studies show you will be happier with the outcome if you honor life’s milestones with well-thought-out decisions. The “Woo of Poo” lifestyle is about building a life that’s right for you—one that’s unfiltered and lets you decide to be who you want to be.

#3. Go there.

Believe in the power of “going there.” Once you can talk about something and laugh about it, it no longer has any real power over you. “Going there” is a journey, freeing your mind from the worry of taboos, being the first to speak the truth and the first to be open about the vulnerabilities everyone feels. The “Woo of Poo” is about finding humor in the often-uncomfortable times in life, and speaking up for what you feel is right. 

The ideals that built Poo-Pourri have allowed people, both women and men, to follow their genius. These ideals have allowed us to manufacture amazing natural products. They have created jobs and abundance for ourselves and our retail partners. They have nurtured families and removed harsh chemical air fresheners from our ecosystems and water supplies. That’s what this “woo woo” way of life has done for us. So, if you start to feel discouraged by all the stories of negative, hostile, work environments—remember, there’s a way to “doo” things differently. If you start implementing these beliefs into your day-to-day life, you might just see a big impact, like we have.  So what are you waiting for?

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