Imagine Greatness (But Expect Obstacles)

Fawn Germersmby Fawn Germer, 2012 speaker

Oprah told us we could imagine anything. We could drop everything, chase our passions, imagine big things and – voila! –we’d  find success beyond our wildest dreams.

There is an asterisk that needs to go with the “imagine and you will manifest” line: *Expect obstacles. Don’t go calling me Eeyore for telling you that you will be tested in many ways if you want to achieve something great. That’s a fact. Read More

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How to Clean Out Your Inbox Without Guilt

lena-west-thumb-300x286by Lena West

E-mail is not dead. Just ask TechCrunch king, Michael Arrington. At one point Arrington revealed through his blog that he had over 2,400 unread e-mails in his inbox and another 721 unread messages in his Facebook inbox—well over two thousand unread messages. What is the world coming to if the technological elite can’t keep up? Read More

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When in Transition, Think Like a Trapeze Artist

Whitney-Johnsonsmby Whitney Johnson, 2012 speaker

“I’d like this to be a smooth transition.”  If you’ve ever been fired, then you’ve likely heard a version of this oxy-moronic phrase.  Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Beauty is the moment of transition, as if the form were just ready to flow into other forms.” But when one has just plunged into the abyss of a transition, beauty as a descriptor isn’t the first word that comes to mind.   Read More

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Giving Back: Sorting through the Options

by Alison Quirk, executive vice president and Chief Human Resources and Citizenship Officer, State Street Corporation

More and more, “giving back” is becoming the focus of our conversations — both at work and at home. But with increasing options to choose from and limited time to devote to these efforts, how do you determine the best way to dedicate your resources? Today it is easier than ever to give back to your community. The first step is to ask yourself a few questions that will help you to narrow down your choices and ensure that your contributions have the maximum impact: Read More

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Speaker Handouts

Strategies to Redefine Power and Lead with Intention
Speaker: Gloria Feldt

Finding the UP in the Downturn
Speaker: Fawn Germer

Staying Current: The Technical Tools You Need and the Ones You Don’t
Speaker: Morra Aarons-Mele

So You Write Cool Stuff, Now What? The 4 C’s of Promoting Your Blog
Speaker: Allison Knaupe

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Building Your Knowledge Base

Women and power. The words, when linked, elicit some of the most complicated – and emotionally loaded reactions – in the English language.

Perhaps no one understands the complexities of the relationship between women and power better than 2012 Massachusetts Conference for Women speaker Gloria Feldt. The author, activist and inspirational speaker started her journey from a place with little power–as a teen mom and high school dropout in rural Texas. Yet through a confluence of luck, pluck, and plain old persistence, she spent the second half of her life at the top of the leadership game – and watching many other women struggle to reach their potential for success. Read More

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Breaking the Habit of Cheating Your Health

by Lynya Floyd

A roller coaster ride and a 4×5 slip of paper. What do these two things have in common? The power of positive transformation. Each of these seemingly unimportant items represents a powerful turning point in one woman’s journey to better health. The moment she went from surviving to thriving. A moment that may inspire you. Read More

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Happier at Home: Gretchen Rubin Teleclass Recap


“When your everyday life reflects your interests, your nature and your values, you’re much more likely to be happy,” said 2011 Massachusetts Conference for Women keynote Gretchen Rubin, bestselling author of “The Happiness Project” and “Happier at Home.”

In our free teleclass Oct. 15, Rubin shared insider advice, gleaned from a nine-month quest for contentment within her home, on how you too can become a “healthier and happier” you. Touching on such topics as possessions, significant others, time and family, Rubin’s insights will lead you on your own path to joy, ensuring that you never feel “home-sick” again.


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Quick: Define Your Brand!

by Tory Johnson

Before you worry that this is oh-so-complicated—a task that only high-priced pros are equipped to tackle—relax. Branding isn’t brain surgery and you can master yours in no time, which is a must if you want to build a truly successful business.

Consider how often you pick up a box on a store shelf because the packaging catches your eye. Or how often you click on a link because you find the associated image inviting. Think of the times you listen carefully to a commercial because of a funny or intriguing tagline. Read More

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How to Network at Conferences Like a Pro

by Liz Lynch

Attending conferences that attract large numbers of people is a great way to make the connections you need to grow your business. Gatherings like the Massachusetts Conference for Women are unique opportunities to meet and learn from others who are passionate about the same goals that fascinate you. Read More

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