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7 Uplifting Stories of Women Working Together

Alex and Ani #carrylightAt ALEX AND ANI, most of the employees are women: strong, supportive of each other and inspired by Founder, CEO and Chief Creative Officer Carolyn Rafaelian. Her belief that every individual has the power to spark change in the world sets the office abuzz with energy, and her emphasis on helping and uplifting one another creates a virtuous cycle of excitement, collaboration and empowerment.

Encouraging each other. Achieving together. Celebrating everyone’s journey. Carrying the light. Every day, team members live what ALEX AND ANI promotes: connecting humanity in a positive and inspiring way. Here’s how they #CARRYLIGHT in the workplace:

“As a leader, it is important to ensure you provide an inspiring and positive environment for those around you. I #CARRYLIGHT by respecting the people around me, and supporting the growth and potential of each individual. We are nothing without each other.”—Beecher Fritzmeier, vice president of design

“I believe that when your goals benefit those you care about, there is no better motivation for going above and beyond to succeed. I am a better person because of the kind, amazing, purposeful female leaders I get to work with every day. I am inspired to break boundaries and better myself as a mother, wife, and employee. I am honored to be part of a team that can #CARRYLIGHT into each other’s hearts, and the world.”—Holly Gauvin, project manager

“I #CARRYLIGHT by empowering other women on my team to share their experiences and talents so that we all can learn more together.”—Andrea Moore, senior vice president of digital and e-commerce

“I have always had a passion for listening to the ideas of others and helping individuals around me grow, whether in the workplace or in the community. As a leader, I #CARRYLIGHT by making myself available to offer guidance — no matter how busy my schedule gets. I truly believe that I was brought into this world to teach, and every moment I am able to exercise that with the talented people around me is important.”—Kate Richard, senior vice president of branding and creative

“I #CARRYLIGHT for the incredible visions of the members of my team. To continually achieve, we work closely to ignite the spark of innovation within each other. This collaboration forces the best ideas forward.”—Emily McKenna, senior manager of content marketing

“The most rewarding experience I have had at ALEX AND ANI is centered around educating and training our fabulous team of customer experience personnel. We must believe in our employees and provide the tools that empower them to make a difference through every point of contact with our fans. I #CARRY LIGHT to help our next generation of talented employees grow to their ultimate potential.”—Deb Dickie, director of customer experience

“As a leader of leaders, I #CARRYLIGHT for talent! Leading through talent has been a hallmark of my career — nothing excites me more than developing talent and helping others to achieve their career goals and aspirations. I have been blessed to have amazing mentors support me along my journey and I love to pay it forward. I am proud to mentor new and seasoned leaders alike. To me, this is one of the greatest privileges of leadership.”Colleen Lewis, vice president of retail

What do you carry light for? Whatever it is, honor it using #CARRYLIGHT, and share on social media. You have the power to ignite the light in others, both in the workplace, at home and beyond.  

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