Success Secrets of Women Who Know How to Hustle: Teleclass Recap

tory_03When it comes to building or growing your business, “hope is not a strategy,” says Tory Johnson. As the CEO of Spark and Hustle and a weekly contributor to ABC’s “Good Morning America,” she has talked to thousands of business owners across the country.

In our free teleclass Sept. 24, Tory shared the tips she’s learned from successful women entrepreneurs including: Read More

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The Instinct-Driven Entrepreneur: Plan for an Evolution

The daughter of self-made immigrants, Monica Mehta learned firsthand how the lessons learned in business school don’t mesh with those of the instinct-driven entrepreneur, who must learn to plan for an evolution and thrive on a shoestring.

“It’s not much good having a map if you can’t see the road and don’t even know where you want to go,” said Monica in our free teleclass, August 28. “If evolution is the norm, then the way you prepare for the journey must accommodate the unexpected.” Read More

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Online Book Club Recap: Negotiating Your Worth

money-articleWomen lose up to a million dollars in income over the lifetime of their career simply because they are afraid to ask and negotiate.

In our July 31 online book club, bestselling author and negotiator Victoria Pynchon explained how to ASK for what you want, including more money at work. Scroll down to listen to/download the teleclass. Read More

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How to Impact Change: Real-World Advice for How You Can Influence and Make a Difference

Women can impact tremendous change. This panel will explore a diversity of areas in which women can impact change including politics, education, media, business and community. We will offer first hand perspectives of women who are impacting change and illustrate why it is critical to get involved and how you can make a difference and influence the world around you.

Moderator: Moira Forbes, vice president and publisher, ForbesWoman and host, “Success with Moira Forbes”


Maria M. Ebrahimji, journalist, executive editorial producer, CNN and co-editor, I Speak for Myself

Carol Fulp, senior vice president of brand communications and corporate social responsibility at John Hancock Financial and representative, General Assembly, United Nations

Kyla Lapierre, senior vice president, State Street Corporation

Jane Swift, first woman to serve as Governor of Massachusetts, former State Senator and CEO, Middlebury Interactive Languages


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Podcast: How to Put “Spark” into Your Pitch

This downloadable podcast is a recording of one of the top-rated sessions, led by Tory Johnson, at the 2011 Conference.

Selling your story – whether to investors, business partners, customers, employees or the media – is critical for small business owners and entrepreneurs. The first part of this two session workshop brings you face-to-face with renowned small business experts to teach you how to develop your best pitch. Using interactive exercises, attendees will learn how to:

  • Create a concise message
  • Capture and engage your audience
  • Build and exude confidence in yourself and your concept
  • Deliver with clarity to wow your listeners

Speaker: Lena West, CEO & founder, xynoMedia Technology and creator, The Technology Diet

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Second Acts: Real-World Stories of Reinvention

Regardless of age or circumstance, we all have the power to create a second act and reinvent ourselves – especially as we gain experience and learn from those experiences. This session will bring real stories of real women who created their second acts personally or professionally. Attendees will learn through their experiences how to overcome obstacles and find their passion to seize that new opportunity regardless of age or circumstance.

Moderator: Gina Otto, award-winning author, producer, social entrepreneur and children’s advocate

Panelists: Kimberly Kissam, co-founder, Isabel Harvey

Leigh Hurst, founder, Feel Your Boobies

Barbara Lynch, James Beard award-winning chef and CEO, Barbara Lynch Gruppo

Bobbie Weiner, film industry makeup artist, business entrepreneur and author

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Tips for Networking at the Conference, Juliette Mayers

Juliette Mayers, executive director, multicultural marketing at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, shared tips on how to best network at the Massachusetts Conference for Women with author, consultant and conference networking expert Mike Bruny of “The New Art of Conference Networking: #Hashtags to Handshakes.”

Listen to the interview:
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Juliette, the author of “A Black Woman’s Guide to Networking, Advance Your Career, Grow Your Business!”, noted that while social media offers great ways to connect and network, it’s still very important to build your personal brand and make offline connections through face-to-face networking events like women’s conferences.

Her three tips to make the most of the Massachusetts Conference for Women:

1. Define what you want to accomplish and be strategic about your networking efforts, choosing sessions and resources that will further your objective.

2. Ask yourself what can you offer to others, what value can you bring?

3. Network with the people directly aligned with your long-term goals.

She also shared networking tips specific to black women. Listen now!

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Five Lessons for Small Business: Teleclass with Tory Johnson and Michael Alter (recap)

Tory Johnson, CEO of Women For Hire and Spark & Hustle, and workplace contributor on Good Morning America, interviewed Michael Alter, president of SurePayroll, on Monday, November 7 in a free 20-minute teleclass. Read More

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