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Five Lessons for Small Business: Teleclass with Tory Johnson and Michael Alter (recap)

Tory Johnson, CEO of Women For Hire and Spark & Hustle, and workplace contributor on Good Morning America, interviewed Michael Alter, president of SurePayroll, on Monday, November 7 in a free 20-minute teleclass.

From Harvard MBA to partner track in consulting to founder of SurePayroll, Michael knows firsthand what it takes to launch and grow a startup and also how to take an established business to greater heights. Tory and Michael addressed specific lessons for small business success.

• When to answer yes and why it’s often wise to say NO

• How to market in a way that matters to your target market

• When to stay the course and when to give up

• Why Michael’s company rewards mistakes—including a cash prize—and how you can embrace failure too

• And many more nuggets on to help you on your journey to small business success

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Listen to the recorded call now:

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