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2018 Session | Be a Great Boss and Colleague AND Stay Human

Acting with empathy and humanity is critical in today’s complex workplace. Do you want to learn a framework that shows how to be a better boss and a better colleague and still get your job done and achieve success? This session will explore the basic fundamentals of human communication between each of us as neighbors, communities, and collaborators. We will offer advice to help you balance being empathetic with being decisive; challenge directly and still show you care; and say what you think while also giving a damn about the person you’re saying it to. This is the perfect session for those trying to navigate the complexity of relationships at work while staying human.

Thought Leader: Fran Hauser, media executive, startup investor, and author, The Myth of the Nice Girl

⚬ Mary-Jo Gagliardi, head of human resources, Wells Fargo Capital Finance
⚬ Laurie Ruettimann, HR consultant, blogger, author, and founder of the Let’s Fix Work podcast 
⚬ Maci Peterson Philitas, co-founder and CEO, OnSecondThought and ranked Inc. Magazine’s “30 Under 30 List”

Emcee: Sanam Feldman, senior director, people strategy, Rapid7