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Mary-Jo Gagliardi

2018 Speaker

MARY-JO GAGLIARDI is a senior vice president of human resources and leads HR for Wells Fargo Capital Finance, a global $45B lending division within Wells Fargo.  During her sixteen year career with Wells Fargo, she has led cross functional HR teams through multiple acquisitions that successfully merged people, cultures and businesses. Prior to her time at Wells Fargo, Gagliardi was a senior associate at Korn/Ferry International in Boston, and a human resources manager at Fidelity Investments, working in Boston and in London.  Before her financial services career, she was a social worker in the educational and health care services field. Gagliardi is passionate about connecting people to opportunities.  She is a mother, wife, sister, friend, leader and someone who rarely says no to something new.  She serves on the SEWI board, a non-profit agency that provides social and emotional wellness intervention to children in Los Angeles County. She earned a bachelor’s degree from Providence College and a master’s degree from Boston College. @wellsfargo