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2017 Session | Resources and Strategies for Parenting Children in Behavioral or Emotional Crisis

Mental illness and behavioral challenges in children is an ever-growing epidemic in today’s fast-paced pressure cooker of life. When a child is faced with a behavioral disorder, emotional problem or psychiatric disease, the impact is far-reaching—affecting everything from the child’s home, school and social life to the emotional wellness of the entire family.  Our role as parents is to protect our children and it can be heart-breaking to watch them suffer day in and day out. Do you feel overwhelmed and immobilized? Not sure how to help or locate the best resources to support your child and your family? Attend this powerful and invaluable session to find answers to these questions and also explore: warning signs; early intervention; strategies to manage crisis and the delicate balance of protecting your child and understanding when to let them fail without adding to an already complex situation.

Moderator: Sandi Fenwick, president & CEO, Boston Children’s Hospital

  Jess Lahey, teacher, columnist, The New York Times and best-selling author, The Gift of Failure: How the Best Parents Learn to Let Go So Their Children Can Succeed
⚬  Dr. Peter Raffalli, founder & director, BACPAC, Boston Children’s Hospital
⚬  Dr. Sarah Spence, child neurologist, assistant, neurology & co-director, Autism Spectrum Center, Boston Children’s Hospital