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Dr. Sarah Spence

2017 Speaker

DR. SARAH SPENCE is a child neurologist with a PhD in neuropsychology.  She is the assistant in neurology and co-director at the Austism Spectrum Center at Boston Children’s Hospital, and assistant professor of neurology at Harvard Medical School. At Boston Children’s Hospital, she has been instrumental in the creation of the Autism Spectrum Center, a multi-disciplinary center focused on improving the lives of children with ASD.  She has been involved in many initiatives in the clinical care and research of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder and related developmental disabilities working with Cure Autism Now, Autism Speaks, the Simons Foundation, and the Nancy Lurie Marks foundation, the National Institutes of Health, the dup15q Alliance, and the Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance. Spence was the medical director of the Autism Evaluation Clinic at UCLA and did clinical research at the National Institute of Mental Health. Spence earned a BA from Harvard-Radcliffe College, a PhD from UCLA, and a MD from UCSF.  She completed pediatrics and neurology residencies at UCLA and did a post-doctoral fellowship in behavioral neurogenetics working with the Autism Genetic Resource Exchange (AGRE), a large publically available genebank for autism which changed the way investigators share data.  @bostonchildrens