January 2017 Newsletter

Free Teleclass | Harness the Power of Your Relationships

Harness the Power of Your Relationships Tuesday, January 31, 2017 1:00-1:30 pm To be effective today, you need something that leadership strategist Erica Dhawan calls “connectional intelligence.” In 30 minutes, Dhawan, co-author of Get Big Things Done: The Power of Connectional Intelligence, will explain how to connect better and faster and use the skill to innovate growth • solve highly complex challenges • marshal resources and tap informal knowledge networks … [ more ]

‘Teach Yourself and Figure It Out’

By Nicole Story, Vice President of Creative, Poo~Pourri Seven years ago, I was living in my parents’ garage. With an advertising degree from the University of Texas and no job prospects, I was the quintessential definition of a millennial who graduated at the height of the recession. But this wasn’t the first time I’d faced a setback in my young life, and I had developed a mantra to help me … [ more ]

The Bottom Line: It’s Okay to Be Fierce and Feminine

By Olivia Rotenberg, Assistant Manager of Corporate Communication, Reebok When I was on the varsity team at college, “hockey butt,” the result from hours of grueling on- and off-ice drills, was one of the many things that my teammates and I loved to hate. Our butts and thighs strained the seams of our skinny jeans and made us curse at the mirror as we struggled to buy pants that would … [ more ]

Leading Innovation: Lessons for Current and Aspiring Leaders

By Linda Hill, Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School “People are our greatest asset.” It’s a mantra we hear across industries. In today’s service economy—and in our local innovation economy, in particular—this has never been truer. Attracting and retaining the best talent is at the heart of the success of any business. But how can leaders convert these words into action in their organizations? And how can young professionals … [ more ]

The Costly Mistake You May Be Making as a Boss

When you’re busy and under pressure, you might speak tersely, forget to smile and skip other niceties when interacting with your team. You think it’s obvious that you’re just trying to get things done, but your direct reports probably feel differently. “Most rude bosses don’t know how they’re coming across because they don’t intend to treat their employees poorly,” says Christine Porath, a professor of management at Georgetown University and … [ more ]

The Secret to Having a Life You Love

If you wish your life had more meaning, you probably think you’d need to go on an Eat-Pray-Love-esque quest to find it. And who has time for that? But the idea that meaning can be found only on ashrams or mountaintops is a cultural myth, says Emily Esfahani Smith, author of The Power of Meaning: Crafting a Life That Matters.“There are sources of meaning all around us,” she explains. “They … [ more ]

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