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Share Your Story: Permission for Reinvention

Sarahbeth Persianiby Sarabeth Persiani

The following is a featured entry in our Share Your Story contest, which celebrates our 10-year anniversary with stories from past attendees.

I attended the Massachusetts Conference for Women in 2012, and it had a profound effect on me. The theme was, “Imagine: Find Your Purpose, Make A Difference.” I walked away with the mindset to do just that.

A few months prior, I had resigned from my job, and I was completely, emotionally drained. I had first-hand experience with being part of the Sandwich Generation, feeling squeezed and on the run—to/from childcare pickup, working full-time and caring for an elderly parent.

Attending the Conference was a gift to myself—it was life-changing. I gained permission of sorts, to begin again…to reinvent.

Messages resonated:

—Delia Ephron revealed there is pure gold in family memories.
—Amanda Bennett provided guidance on writing memoirs, advising not to strive for precision, but a deeper truth.
—Deepak Chopra counseled to have intention, and if your intention is to help others, then trust that the forces of nature will support you.

Run Walk Crawl book coverThe event helped me to imagine pursuing a lifelong dream—to write and start my own consultancy! So grateful, I hope I can make a difference for others.