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Financially Fearless: Tips and Tricks for Making the Most of Your Money NOW

Getting your financial life on track and keeping it there — nothing is more important to your family and you. Are you single, married or divorced? A parent with a paycheck or a parent at home? Getting your first job or well along in your career? Helping your kids in college or your parents in their older age? Planning for retirement? Already retired and worried about how to make your money last? No matter what your situation, America’s most trusted financial adviser Jane Bryant Quinn will offer you practical tips for making the most of your money.

Together we will explore:

– How to put your financial life on automatic pilot;
– Setting priorities during and after a financial setback — and tips to help you bounce back;
– Banking, credit and debit card tips that will save you money;
– Simple ways to pull yourself out of debt;
– Financial planning, investing and building wealth — it’s simpler than it sounds; and
– Ways to save more while enjoying the pleasures of life today.

From real estate to college planning to elder care and everyday real life — bring your most pressing questions and learn how to make the best financial decisions that suit your unique needs!

Speaker: Jane Bryant Quinn, America’s most trusted financial adviser and best-selling author, Making the Most of Your Money NOW @janebryantquinn

Host: Blythe Berents, vice president, financial solutions adviser, Merrill Edge