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Career Learning Bursts

Building Self Confidence

There is a consistent myth in the workplace that women lack confidence, but what if the problem isn’t necessarily a lack of confidence but that women are often punished and not rewarded for their confidence? Join this session to learn how you can help change the culture and structures to move beyond this myth. From not advocating for yourself to feelings of not being qualified, these messages can affect your confidence and Kiana Pierre-Louis will share her strategies to overcome these feelings and re-boost your confidence.

Kiana Pierre-Louis, senior law lecturer, Bentley University @bentleyu

How to Find or Become a Mentor

Many of us are looking for mentors for our careers. But rather than searching for that one mentor who can help you meet all of your career goals, Christina Luconi believes developing a network of mentors is more beneficial. In this session, she will share her creative strategies for finding mentors and maximizing those relationships and also how to become a stronger mentor to others.

Christina Luconi, chief people officer, Rapid 7 @rapid7

How to Develop Leadership Skills & Grow as a Manager

Do you know how to bridge the gap between the leader that you are now and the one you aspire to be? Learning how to grow your career trajectory is a matter of practice, not an innate talent. If you are a current manager or aspiring to a leadership position, join Sharon Cload, to hear her insights about growing into a leader. She will share three recommended steps that will set you apart as a leader and then leverage those skills for career success.

Sharon Cload, VP, discovery biotherapeutics, Bristol Myers Squibb @bmsnews

Microaggressions in the Virtual World

Microaggressions take place for many of us wherever we are. But, as we continue to work virtually, the agressions may show up differently. In this session, DEI facilitator Fatima Dinkeh shares some possible scenarios that may appear and her recommendations for how to reply. From one-on-ones and virtual team meetings to micromanaging, join this session to learn more about how to respond effectively and hopefully reduce future agressions from happening.

Fatima Dainkeh, learning & development manager, She+ Geeks Out

Health & Wellness Learning Bursts

Empathy and Caring at Work

During this difficult time, empathy and caring are needed from every employee. And given all the challenging circumstances facing professionals today, how we lead our teams also requires a new approach. In this learning burst, Lisa Welker-Finney, vice president of human resources at Boston Scientific Neuromodulation for Boston Scientific, shares what she has learned about developing new leadership models, tools, and resources for all employees to address their mental, physical, financial, and emotional well-being and productivity.

Lisa Welker-Finney, vice president, human resources, Boston Scientific Neuromodulation for Boston Scientific @bostonsci

Every Body Yoga

Don’t miss this opportunity to practice with the internationally acclaimed voice of wellness, Jessamyn Stanley. In this 10 minute meditation and stretch, Jessamyn will help you find some peace and calm during your conference day!

Jessamyn Stanley, body liberation advocate and author, Every Body Yoga and Yoke: My Yoga of Self-Acceptance @mynameisjessamyn (IG)

Resilience in 2021

In a year filled with uncertainty, resilience has become essential. Johnson & Johnson’s Jennifer Lea explores two key building blocks of resilience that will help you to shift your mindset, and adapt quickly and productively to 2021 and beyond. Learn how to manage, recover, and grow from stress during this mini-session designed to give you tangible strategies to help you build resilience.

Jennifer Lea, director, global portfolio management & innovation, Johnson & Johnson @jnjnews

Solutions for Digital Fatigue

Most people have experienced digital fatigue to the extreme over the past two years. From a lack of energy, mental clarity and burnout to negative psychological and physical effects, this fatigue has taken its toll on our mind and bodies. Join this session to learn from a CIO who has experienced the fatigue herself but has also strategized for how to solve for the members of her organization.. She will share simple strategies that you can implement in your day to help you cope so, rather than feel overwhelmed, you can finish your day feeling energized and accomplished.

Miriam Manning, SVP, CIO, executive management, technology,strategy operations, Commonwealth Financial Network® @commonwealthfn

Support for Caregivers

Caregiving took on a whole new meaning over the past two years as many women were burdened beyond their capacity with the time needed to care for their children and parents. This session will provide tips for how women can take care of themselves as caregivers and also what leaders and teams can do to support the caregivers at work.

Elizabeth Foland, manager, Global Strategic Partnerships, EMD Serono

Time Management and Avoiding Burnout

Women wear so many hats – both personally and professionally and the end result is a constant balancing act. This reprioritizing requires constant adjustment and sometimes we forget the most important person in the mix – YOU. The more you know yourself and your priorities, the more you can hold yourself accountable to what you need. Join this session to hear Tonya Webster secrets for avoiding burnout and learning how to prioritize you.

Tonya Webster, SVP & chief consumer experience officer, Blue Cross Blue Shield