Does Your Image Match Your Professional Goals?

Anna AkbariMost of us would never send work emails that were full of sloppy mistakes. Yet many of us do the equivalent on a daily basis with our outward appearance. “The way you present yourself is part of how others filter and receive what you’re saying,” says Anna Akbari, a sociologist, image and innovation expert and author of Startup Your Life: Hustle and Hack Your Way to Happiness. “Someone who is projecting the wrong image can’t communicate effectively.”

In other words, clothes matter—as do shoes, jewelry and hair. And they matter as much for men as they do for women. “Having the right look signals that you know the rules and that you belong,” Akbari explains. “The only difference between men and women is that it’s a lot easier for men to get it right. They don’t have hemlines, cleavage, heel height and everything else to consider.”

To help you put your best foot forward, Akbari offers three simple steps that can vastly improve your image: Read More

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2016 Session | Overcoming the Imposter Syndrome to Become the Authentic Leader You Envision

Do you fear that you’re a poser? Do you question if you are worthy? Are you scared that you couldn’t possibly be qualified to fill the shoes required in your position? Sadly it’s a fear that strikes many of us – especially women. Self-doubt is crippling and presents one of the greatest barriers to becoming an authentic leader. This session will bring you up close with some of today’s most prominent women to share invaluable leadership lessons for increasing your confidence and presence. Using their real-life experiences as they climbed the ladder, we will help you reach beyond your comfort zone and explore strategies to eliminate feelings of inadequacy and achieve authenticity including:

  • Why executive presence matters;
  • How to deal with and overcome fear, self-doubt and imposter syndrome;
  • The importance of building trust and credibility to accomplish more; and
  • How to find and use your most powerful and genuine voice.

Read More

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Three Things You Should Stop Doing on Social Media

Luvvie AjayiLast month, “I’m Judging You: The Do Better Manual,” a collection of essays by Luvvie Ajayi, ranked fifth on the “New York Times Best Sellers” list for paperback nonfiction. It was an extraordinary debut for the first-time author who is neither a famous singer-songwriter like Patti Smith (#9 that week) nor a high-profile journalist like David Brooks (#6). Ajayi, who writes humorously about anything from cosmetics to racist microaggressions, is also not an alumna of “The Daily Show” or “Saturday Night Live.” Read More

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Junk Gypsy Jolie Sikes’ Advice for Entrepreneurial Free Spirits

Jolie SikesWhat do you do when you realize that the corporate life just isn’t your jam? When you’re Jolie Sikes or her big sister Amie, co-founders with their mom of Junk Gypsy, you hit the road, hightailing it out of Houston and Austin, respectively—and keep driving for 15 years.

Of course, they weren’t aimlessly roaming Texas, Arkansas and Louisiana. They were scouring flea markets and roadsides for discarded treasures that they could fix up and resell. “It was Mom’s idea and her $2,000 stash for the slot machines that we used at first,” says Sikes. “She said, ‘Let’s just go to Canton [where there’s a giant four-day flea market every month] with open minds and figure out what we can do.’” Read More

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Trade Secrets of a Tech-Savvy Entrepreneur

Stanard, Tiffanie

A word to the wise: If you ever take a meeting with Tiffanie Stanard, make sure you’re fully caffeinated. The marketing and branding strategist and CEO of Prestige Concepts in Philadelphia talks fast, thinks faster—and does what most people consider a full morning’s slate (i.e., sends emails to current, past and prospective clients, updates her to-do list, prepares for meetings and exercises) before she has even arrived at her office. Read More

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How to Get Buy-in from Your Boss, Team, Client, Anyone!

Black, JoanneYou don’t have to be in sales to wish you were a good salesperson. After all, every instance of persuasion—whether it’s getting your team to improve its performance or your boss to green-light your proposal—is a form of selling. Being personable and articulate helps, of course. But getting buy-in is more about know-how than natural gifts, says Joanne Black, who has more than 35 years of sales and management experience and is author of Pick Up the Damn Phone: How People, Not Technology, Seal the Deal. Here, her four steps to winning people over to your side: Read More

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Optimize Brand You—and Boost Your Career (with Aliza Licht)

Aliza Licht 270x270

Optimize Brand You—and Boost Your Career
Tuesday, October 27th, 2015
1:00-1:30pm EDT

Eventbrite - Optimize Brand You—and Boost Your Career (with Aliza Licht)

In the new workplace, a strong personal brand is key to a successful career. Read More

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The ABC’s of Having a Healthy Personal Brand in Social Media

MA_HMH_Sharifah_Niles-Lane-220x300pxBy Sharifah Niles-Lane, Social Media Director, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Given the prevalence of social and digital media in our tech-savvy world, it should come as no surprise that what we share virtually can have a lasting impact on our identities, both on- and offline. Whether connecting with family, friends, co-workers or potential colleagues, many of us have grown comfortable posting a quick status update or uploading an image to send thoughts and messages out to the world.

Digital media offers powerful ways to connect with and learn from others, but it’s important to be mindful when using these tools, leverage the best they have to offer and avoid common pitfalls. We’ve all heard the stories of HR professionals combing through candidates’ social media accounts before extending job offers, with varying results. A quick Google search could reveal the Twitter feed of a passionate industry-insider who shares regular, accessible and informative commentary with her professional network. Or, that same search could pull up a jumble of silly photos from college and an underwhelming LinkedIn profile.

The good news is that we are the primary curators of our own personal brands. As a digital media professional, I spend a lot of time thinking about effective ways to present ideas, tell stories and share personalities online. Here are my ABC’s of protecting and maintaining a healthy personal brand when it comes to digital and social media.

“A” Is for Audit
At least once a month, conduct an audit of what you’ve shared online and what appears in Google search results when you enter your own name. The Internet is forever, but it’s never too late to swap out a profile photo or clean up content that you no longer want to appear on the first page of your Google search result.

Google others in your industry peer group and see how your online presence compares. You may see best practices that you too want to start (or continue) doing, or identify personal online trends that you want to stop.
Lastly, purchase your domain if you haven’t already. I did this myself about a year ago. One thing you do not want is to Google yourself only to realize that someone else has your identity!

“B” Is for Balance
It’s important to maintain a good balance of personal and professional content in what you share online. The lines between the personal and the professional in social media are often blurry because we tend to have friends, clients and colleagues as connections and contacts across multiple platforms. Remember to be mindful of your audiences within various digital spaces. Try not to over-share personal moments with your online network of professional contacts. You can control this by adjusting your privacy settings where appropriate. This way, you can save your birthday party photo recap for a close group of Facebook friends.

I recommend taking a look at the great tips on maintaining balance from the social media gurus at Hootsuite.

“C” Is for Cadence
Part of protecting your brand is making sure that you are constantly building and maintaining it. Take the time to post on a regular basis by sharing thoughts and opinions that showcase your subject matter expertise and your personality. Be purposeful and create a posting schedule that works for your goals, and keep platform in mind. Try responding to topical news or connecting with other media users who are sharing thought-provoking content in innovative ways.

“D” is for Design
Last but not least is design. Keep your profile photos professional and relevant to the platform. No matter how cute, a picture of your cat probably isn’t the right fit for your LinkedIn profile. Your profile images should be clear and cropped appropriately.

No one is perfect and personal branding is an ongoing process. I confess that I have broken a rule or two myself over the years. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it is that it’s never too late to start protecting and maintaining your brand in the online space.

So when you have finished reading this, I challenge you to do a quick scan of your own digital and social brands. You might be surprised. There may be content that you want to clean up, or maybe you’ll feel inspired to boost your online presence by updating profiles and adding information. Either way, you’re on your way to having a healthy online brand.

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Self-Promote without Feeling Like a Show-off

Berger, JonahOf course your work should speak for itself, but you can’t assume it’ll always be heard and appreciated. “People are busy, they don’t have time to pay attention to everything—and sometimes even good work gets overlooked,” says Jonah Berger, Wharton School professor and bestselling author of Contagious: Why Things Catch On. “Don’t over-claim, but also don’t be ashamed to be a good spokesperson for your accomplishments.” Here, Berger’s advice about wielding the megaphone, so you can talk yourself up—and feel good about it. Read More

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How to Duplicate the Viral Success of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Kerry McManamaBy Kerry H. McManama

What began several months ago as a challenge among friends has engaged more than 2.4 million people via the power of social media and earned more than $41 million for a worthy cause. Why has the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge gone viral? Here are five key elements you can use to engage and excite people—and duplicate this super-successful cause marketing initiative. Read More

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