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Best Reads for Staying on Top of Every Industry

woman-juggling-laptop-phoneBeing in the know about news and trends is key to success in almost every field. In our first annual reading survey, 51% of respondents said that they read to stay up-to-date daily, while 33% said they read weekly, 11% said monthly and 5% said quarterly or infrequently. Here, in the spirit of collegial sharing, are the apps, blogs, newsfeeds, newsletters, periodicals, websites and writers recommended by survey respondents, and organized by industry:

Accommodation and Food Services,,,,,, Harvard Business Review, Josh Bersin’s blog/Deloitte, LinkedIn, New York Times,, and

Accounting,,, CGMA magazine,,, International Fiscal Association publications, Journal of Accountancy and Wall Street Journal

Advertising/Public Relations/Marketing
AdAge, Adweek,, Borrell Associates reports and webinars, Buzzfeed,,,,,,,, Entrepreneur Magazine, Fast Company, Facebook (follow trendsetters),, Forbes, Google alerts, Harvard Business Review,,,, Harvard Business Review, Huffington Post,,, Inc. Magazine, LinkedIn,,, New York Times, blog, People, Pinterest,,, PRNewser blog, PR Week, PRSA .org,, Re/, Seth Godin, Sidekick blog,,, TechCrunch,, The Futurist Magazine,, Twitter (follow trendsetters), Us Weekly,, YouTube, Wall Street Journal and Wired

Art/Graphics/UI Design
ART News,,,,,,, New York Times,,, YouTube (Adobe Creative Suite and other design channels)

Automotive, newsletters and The Kiplinger Letter

Business & Leadership Coaching/Training/Management
Anthony Robbins,,,,, Forbes,, Google alerts, Harvard Business Review, Huffington Post,, John Maxwell blog, Knowledge@Wharton newsletter, LinkedIn, New York Times,, Seth Godin,,, Time Magazine and Wall Street Journal

Business Process Outsourcing
Bill Kutik, and LinkedIn

Computer Hardware/Software/IT, Businessweek, Consumer Reports, Consumption Economics (book),, blog, The Economist, daily emails, blogs, Facebook, Fast Company, Forbes,, Google alerts,’s newsletters and Public CIO Magazine, Harvard Business Review,, Inc. Magazine,, Kaihan Krippendorff, LinkedIn, McKinsey Quarterly, New York Times, Reddit,,, blog,,, Twitter, Wall Street Journal, and

Construction magazines,, New York Times and Wall Street Journal

Consumer Electronics,,, Harvard Business Review,, LinkedIn, and Wall Street Journal

eCommerce, and blog

Education news,,,, Brene Brown, BusinessWeek, Buzzfeed,, Chronicle of Higher Education, The Chronicle of Philanthropy,,,, Educational Procurement Journal,,,,,, Facebook, Fast Company, Gabrielle Bernstein, reports, Quick Clips, Harvard Business Review,, blog, newsletter, journals,, Inside Supply Management Magazine,, Libby Nelson, LinkedIn, newsletter, McKinsey Quarterly, blog, newsletter, NACADA Journal, newsletter, newsletter,, Pinterest,,, New York Times,, Politico,, The (education section),, Time Magazine, Twitter, YouTube and Wall Street Journal

Energy/Power & Utilities,,,,,,,,, LinkedIn groups, POWERGRID International, and

Finance/Financial Services,, Banc Investment Daily,,, Barron’s, news,,,,, CNN Money, The Economist,, Fast Company,, Financial Advisor Magazine, Financial Times,, Forbes, Fortune, Fortune’s Broadsheet,, Google alerts, Harvard Business Review, Huffington Post,,, Inc. Magazine,,, Journal of Accountancy, Journal of Financial Planning, Kiplinger,, LinkedIn, Liz Ryan,, McKinsey Quarterly, Money Magazine, Ignites news,, New York Times, blog,, Newsdash, alerts,, Reuters,,,,, Team of Teams (book),,, Twitter, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post and Yahoo news


Brene Brown,,,, Center for Creative Leadership publications,, Facebook, news, announcements,, announcements, MIT Technology Review, news, publications,,, blog and Twitter

Health Care daily updates,,, Health & Welfare Plans newsletter, Bloomberg, BuzzFeed,,,, Diagnostic Testing & Emerging Technologies, Facebook, Fast Company, updates, Forbes, Fortune, Google alerts, Harvard Business Review,,, blog,, Jen Hatmaker, Journal of Hospital Medicine, LinkedIn, Mayo Clinic newsletter, Medscape,, New York Times,,,, blog,, Robert Wachter,, newsletter,, and USA Today

Human Resources blog,,, Meghan Biro, magazine and newsletter,, and

Insurance,, CNN Money, Entrepreneur Magazine, Forbes, Harvard Business Review,,,, Kaiser Family Foundation publications,, LinkedIn,,, insurance publications,,, alerts, Wall Street Journal and

Legal, American Bar Association Journal, magazine,,, Google alerts,, and Wall Street Journal

Association for Healthcare Philanthropy, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation newsletter,, Chronicle for Philanthropy,,, Fast Company,, Forbes,, Harvard Business Review, Huffington Post,, LinkedIn, Lucy Bernholz, McKinsey Quarterly,,, Stanford Social Innovation Review,, Wall Street Journal

Pharmaceutical, Compliance & Ethics Professional Magazine, DIA Daily, Facebook,,,, LinkedIn, Nature,,, Pink Sheet Daily,, Science, newsletter,, Twitter, Wall Street Journal and WSJ’s Pharmalot blog

Professional Services
ACMPGlobal,org,, Annie McKee, Businessweek, CFO Magzine,,, magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, Financial Times,, Fortune, Google alerts, Harvard Business Review,, Inc. Magazine, John Kotter, Ken Blanchard,, LinkedIn, Malcolm Gladwell,, Michael Hyatt, McKinsey Quarterly,, New York Times,,,,,,,, Stephen Covey, Stitcher (app),, blogs, Time Magazine,,,, Twitter, Wall Street Journal, Wired, and YouTube

Real Estate tax alerts, Forbes, NAREIT blogs,, tax alerts,,, Wall Street Journal and Yahoo

Retail blog,,, Entrepreneur Magazine, Fast Company, Forbes,, magazine,, Harvard Business Review,,, Huffington Post, Inc. Magazine,, LinkedIn, McKinsey Quarterly,, blog,,,,, and Wall Street Journal

Adweek’s SocialTimes feed,,,,,,,, Entrepreneur Magazine,, The Facebook Blog, Fast Company,,, Forbes, Forrester Research articles,,, Google alerts,’s newsletters and Public CIO Magazine, Harvard Business Review, marketing blog, Huffington Post, Inc. Magazine, LinkedIn,,, blog, blog,
McKinsey Quarterly,, MIT Technology Review, New York Times,,, Official Google Blog, OpenView Labs, news,,,, Quartz Daily Brief,, Re/,,,,,,,, Time Magazine,, Twitter, The Twitter Blog,, VentureFizz weekly email, Wall Street Journal, Wired, Yahoo News and Yahoo Tech

Transportation/Travel, blog,,, blog, Transportation Research Board newsletter, and


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