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Because Saving Should Feel Good…

Are you hoping to make a difference in the New Year?  Right now you’re probably frenzied making and crossing off holiday gift-lists, tracking down your favorite family-recipes, party planning, and seeking meaningful ways to give back to those less fortunate. We will all rush through the holidays only to find ourselves waking up in January—feeling utterly spent and facing the next big task: the well-intentioned “New Year’s Resolution” list. Our belts now tighter (literally and figuratively), we aim to start 2013 with a sense of purpose and clarity. If only someone would give us a suggestion for an easy way to start the year making a positive difference…

Want to start saving more—and give back? Believe it or not, an online savings account is a simple way to save much more for the things you care about (maybe your New Year’s Resolution includes scheduling that overdue vacation somewhere tropical?). Unlike traditional banks where you might already be ‘banking online’, internet or direct banks often pay higher rates. But what if there was an online savings program that also enabled you to save more and give back to the causes you care about? This is precisely why ableBanking, a division of Northeast Bancorp, was started.  Launched in June 2012, their Money Market Accounts and CD’s put the power of saving and giving in the hands of their customers.  In addition to higher rates, ableBanking customers get an added bonus: $25 when they become a customer PLUS an extra 0.25% of their annual average balance to give to any charity* they choose every year.

But how can saving for yourself help the causes you care about?  ableBanking customers can give to any 501c3 non-profit organization, including religious institutions, schools, their child’s little league team, and more. Through their ableBanking account customers can also donate their own money directly to charity through fund transfers, without either the charity or the customer being charged costly transaction fees. This makes charitable giving easy to do and keep track of in preparation for tax time (which is also just around the corner!)

But isn’t changing banks complicated and time consuming? No! It only takes a few minutes, and there is no need to switch banks; customers simply link their existing bank account to their ableBanking Money Market or CD. There is a minimum deposit of $1,000 required to open an account and deposits are FDIC insured. Plus, at ableBanking doesn’t charge customers fees. They make it quick, easy and straightforward to start saving– and giving.

For a limited time (until January 31st, 2012), ableBanking is offering a special promotion to our readers. On top of the $25 all of our new customers get to give to charity, they’ll give an additional $25 to the charity* of your choice. It’s simple – when you open an account use this unique code: “25250.”

You can learn more about Massachusetts Conference for Women sponsor ableBanking at

Well, that’s one to-do you can cross off your list! Two dozen to go…

*Organizations must be a 501c3.