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2017 Session | Build a Brand to Last: Strategies to Make Your Mark and Advance

Developing a powerful and unique brand is critical to make your mark, achieve your goals and set yourself apart from the rest of the pack at any stage in your career. We all have the power of the Internet and digital platforms to help us leverage our brands (and it sure is easier to hide behind a screen). But this is just one part of the puzzle. Presence and communication –face-to-face– is equally important. And the combination of both together is key to creating a strong and successful brand that offers an integrated and unified message and ensures you stand out in ways that will separate you from all the others vying for the same attention or business. Featuring today’s best marketing agents; this session will help you synergize your brand through ALL communication touch points. Attendees will learn how to:

  • Build a brand that is both strategically and emotionally appealing;
  • Create an online persona that you can actually exemplify in real life;
  • Market yourself, business and/or product beyond a digital platform; and
  • Understand when it is appropriate to use a digital platform and when you need to get out there in person!

Thought Leader: Courtney R. Rhodes, CEO, Brandista and Urbanity Communications & author, Make Your Mark

⚬  Maggie Drake, co-founder & CEO, Bandolier
⚬  Amy McCoskey, regional sales manager, structural heart & interventional cardiology, Boston Scientific
  Alex Wolf, founder and CEO, Bossbabe Inc. and Fast Company “Most Creative People in Business 2016”

Emcee: Neela Pal, VP, brand marketing, partnerships & creative, TripAdvisor