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Maggie Drake

2017 Speaker

MAGGIE DRAKE is co-founder and CEO of Bandolier. Proving that necessity is indeed the mother of invention, Drake first brainstormed the idea of a luxury crossbody iPhone accessory, then brought it to life, together with her best friend Colleen Karis.  Today, as co-founder and chief executive officer for the brand, as well as chief designer, she runs the business day-to-day, oversees its divisions, and leads all design and production efforts for the five-year-old wearable technology venture. Drake earned a BA in fine and studio arts from University of California, Irvine, and she spent her initial post-college years in freelance graphic design.  Her experience in advertising sales for music, entertainment and technology led to a position at the Hollywood Reporter, regularly working with record labels and other corporate clients, which soon segued into a similar post soliciting advertising and conference sponsorships for the New York trade magazine The Silicon Alley Reporter. While Bandolier’s retail partners prefer safer, more proven styles, Drake has discovered that online buyers are often more adventurous, drawn to more eccentric designs, allowing her to create for both brick-and-mortar and digital audiences.  She also devotes her energy as a board member of the California State Summer School for the Arts (CSSSA). @bandolierstyle