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Who Is Driving Your Career? May “Office Hours” Recap

What is it that you love about your current job, what are you really good at, and what sparks your passion? In the first episode of our new online radio show “Office Hours,” host Samantha Ettus and featured guest Darlene Templeton discussed how women can become their own best advocates and leverage their skills and experience to meet specific career goals.

The following is a brief recap of some of the key points.  Please listen to the replay below to get all the tips, tools and strategies so that you really can “drive your own career and become your best advocate.”

Clarifying Your Goals  – “GPS your career”

Be very clear on what you really want to do, focus on the areas where you are strong and that you are passionate about doing.

Build your career roadmap – Set 30-, 60- and 90-day goals as part of that roadmap.

Leveraging Your Support Network – “Your girlfriends, not your husband, are on speed dial”

Mentors, coaches, and sponsors play a very important role in your career, so identify and create relationships with women who you admire and can help you pave the way for your success.

Create and expand your peer network or your “advisory board,” so you have a group of women outside your job you can go to about work issues, questions and support. We all need our girlfriends.

Communicating your value – “We all need someone to brag on us”

Learn to say “Thank You” when you receive compliments in the workplace and in your personal life. Don’t minimize your accomplishments and successes.

Learn to tell your story and make your story applicable to your current audience. It may be different depending to whom you are talking or which job you want.

Networking – “Target your networking events and volunteer”

Choose your network events carefully and make sure they apply to your job or to your personal passion.

Volunteer and participate in the organizations/charities that you are passionate about, and you will build great relationships you can leverage in the future.

Sam asked Darlene her one final tip and it was “CELEBRATE YOUR SUCCESSES EVERY DAY!”  You deserve it.

Click HERE to listen to the full interview.


Darlene Templeton is a professional speaker, trainer, executive coach and author. A master in LEADERSHIP and TRANSFORMATION, Darlene’s extensive corporate experience (36 years with IBM) has given her the tools to transform even the most dynamic executives into world-class leaders. To learn more about Darlene visit here.

As the leading lifestyle and parenting expert for women, Samantha Ettus specializes in coaching the busiest parents on the planet. Since earning her undergraduate and MBA degrees from Harvard, Sam has coached thousands of parents – celebrities, top CEO’s and professional athletes – who aim to perform at the highest levels in both their professional and personal lives. To learn more about Sam visit here.

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