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The Other ‘F’ Word

By Rebekah Riley, Director of PR, Poo~Pourri

Some people are surprised when they find out that Poo~Pourri is a feminist company. Well, what would you really expect from a business that was founded by an audacious female entrepreneur in her kitchen and that’s run today by a 75 percent female workforce? We are feminist through and through, and we like to talk about issues that empower women and girls. We are passionate about female empowerment because we are living proof of what it can do to change our world.

I believe that a large part of Poo-Pourri’s success is our belief in the so-called “F” word. That’s because equality is part of the natural flow of the universe, and this flow always leads to abundance and peace. For example, one of the truly great American principles that opened so much peace and prosperity for our country was the belief that all men are created equal. Now historically, America hasn’t always landed the dismount from this leap of faith, but when our country does, there’s really nothing greater to witness than this ideal in motion. So, you can imagine the abundance and prosperity we could all manifest when we the people believe that all men and women are created equal—and are paid and promoted accordingly. Just imagine.  

At Poo-Pourri, I strive for this ideal every day. This is simply how Poo-Ville operates. What always surprises me is when we encounter situations where this is not so. What’s even more surprising to me is that our feminist beliefs might be upsetting to some people or seem like a radical notion.

We like to put our money where our mouth is, and you can see this with our latest accomplishment here at Poo~Pourri, The Woo of Poo. This hilarious self-help book was written by our CEO, Suzy Batiz. Below are some “woo woo” beliefs that we live by that flourish in a feminist workplace:

#1. Bare your genius. Embrace your curiosity as much as possible, and start noticing what sparks it the most. Follow it right where you need to go. Always keep your sense of wonder intact. Life’s most important moments require you to seek them, and curiosity is what will eventually lead you to your genius.

#2. Trust your gut. This is the best business and life advice you’ll ever get. So many of us are taught to listen to logic and opinion rather than to trusting our hunches and glimmers. While it’s all too easy to dismiss gut feelings as new age hocus-pocus, they’re not. There is a hard science and serious investigation into how your gut is connected to your brain. Part of the enteric nervous system, which contains over 100 million neurons and over 95 percent of your body’s serotonin, your gut sends you messages all the time—especially involving all the different emotions you go through every day. The butterflies, the anxiety, the stress, the intuition—gut feelings are a real thing.

#3. Do epic sh*t. This is all about change and transformation. The key to doing epic sh*t is not to try to eliminate fear. You have to befriend your fears. Acknowledge them. Talk to them. Understand why they’re here. And little by little, even though your fear is present, it will lose its power over you. That’s when the magic happens.

These ideals and beliefs that built Poo~Pourri are the reason why it has grown and flourished so greatly. So, we encourage everyone who has big dreams and aspirations to proudly use the word “feminism” and use it well. Our being confident and comfortable identifying as feminists is so very important to our personal success and happiness as well as the world’s success and happiness. Feminism is the future, and who doesn’t want a future?

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