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Teleclass Recap: Your Next Career—Now with Julie Shifman

What’s holding you back from tackling your biggest goals?julie shifman2

In our free teleclass on April 24, Julie Shifman of Act Three discussed how to use small-stepping to reach your goals, avoiding the hopelessness and discouragement that often come when facing a big challenge. Scroll down to listen to the 30-minute call.

Julie advises us to look at the specific steps we need to take to reach our goal, and break them down into doable segments, or small steps. For example, do you need a new resume before you find a new job? Should you do some market research before you try to open a new business?

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The small-stepping approach, Julie says, allows you to get comfortable with each step along with way.

Julie answered participant questions, ranging from how to on-ramp after being a stay-at-home mom to how to leverage networking to change careers.

In a brief exercise, Julie asked call participants to identify their long-term goal and then ask themselves:

What is one thing I need to do right now to move towards reaching my goal?

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Julie Shifman is an inspirational, award-winning speaker, author, and business owner. She started her career as a professional ballet dancer and then became a highly successful lawyer in New York City and Cincinnati before founding her company, Act Three, an organization that helps women define their next stage of life and create their own personal action plan for living out that life and is a certified coach.  Julie is the author of Act Three: Creating the Life You Want, and has also created a documentary film featuring many of the incredible women profiled in her book.

Listen to the call here:

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