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Tackle Goal Setting and Create Life on Your Own Terms: Teleclass with Danielle LaPorte

Author of The Fire Starter Sessions, business strategist and inspirational speaker Danielle LaPorte travels the globe sharing her insights on how to create the life you want and now we are lucky enough to have her speak to directly to us. Don’t miss this chance – it won’t happen again. Free Teleclass: Wednesday, March 27, 2013 from 1:00 PM to 1:30 PM (EST)

40 and counting…

by Leigh Hurst I turned 40 last year. That’s right, the big FOUR-ZERO. Although getting older has never really bothered me, I have to admit, birthdays that mark the beginning of a new decade in my life always make me sit up and pay attention a bit more than the others. I guess it’s because those birthdays seem to matter more; matter more to me? Or matter more to others? … [ more ]

Your Financial Check-Up—Farnoosh Torabi

by Farnoosh Torabi As women, it’s incredibly important that we make our finances an absolute top priority. Compared to men, we live longer, earn less and are far more financially impacted by divorce and widowhood.

Emotional Fitness – How many calories does that burn, again?

by Jess Weiner My relationship with exercise has enjoyed a long and windy road. When I was a little girl, I could play for hours outside, my sweaty hair matted down on my forehead and completely content from climbing trees, playing kickball or swimming in someone’s pool.

Looking Up—Dr. James Beckerman

by James Beckerman, M.D. As health care providers, we have an opportunity to communicate our recommendations in ways that empower and inspire our patients, rather than intimidate them. Part of that motivation is helping people realize that by choosing a healthier lifestyle, they are in a position to constantly reinvent themselves, rediscover what they can accomplish and open up opportunities to set and achieve new goals.

Financial Renewal

by Elisabeth Leamy In my world, “renewal” means financial renewal. There is one and only one key to get started: a good credit score. Why? Because raising your credit score enables you to get credit for less and save thousands.

Three Kinds of Renewal

by Katie Mahon A dear friend of mine, who died of AIDS too many years ago, once told me that flight attendants tell you to “put on your own mask before assisting others” for a reason. He knew before I did that I had botched these simple instructions in my own life, and was paying the price. The children, the stressful career, the foundation work—they all got attention before anything, … [ more ]

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