March 2016 Newsletter

From Budget Buddies: ‘We Met Some Amazing Women at the Conference!’

Tyco shared its booth with these women from Budget Buddies, including co-founders Kathy Brough and Anita Saville, third and fourth from the left.

Tyco shared its booth with these women from Budget Buddies, including co-founders
Kathy Brough and Anita Saville, third and fourth from the left.

By Denise Boyd, Senior Marketing Program Manager, Tyco Security Products

Last December at the Conference for Women, Tyco Security Products’ Women’s Growth Network (WGN) in Westford tried an experiment. We invited Budget Buddies, a nonprofit organization that matches mentors with low-income women to help them build money-management skills, to share our booth.

“I’m so pleased our chapter members voted to share the Tyco booth with Budget Buddies,” says Anita Santos, Tyco’s vice president of marketing. “The Westford WGN’s mission is twofold: to empower women and to make a difference within our community. Budget Buddies’ mission aligns with ours, and it was a logical fit with the Conference.” Read More

Career Moves: Ask These Two Questions Before You Leap

Sara-DiVelloUnfortunately, you don’t have to love your job to be good at it. Sara DiVello had gone into public relations thinking she could make a living and write, her true passion. “At first, I got caught up in the cool factor of working at a big company, in the fancy skyscraper—I felt like I was Melanie Griffith in Working Girl! But as I advanced up the ranks, I got lost in the busy-ness and daily pressures of the job,” says the former PR executive at a Fortune 500 company. Read More

What You Need to Know about the New Federal Rules to Close the Pay Gap

executive-order-2016Earlier this year, President Obama announced a new executive order requiring companies with more than 100 employees to report their salaries, along with their sex, race, ethnicity and job group, to the federal government. It’s understandable if the news left you underwhelmed or the significance escaped you. “Remember that politicians campaign in poetry, but govern in prose,” says Victoria Pynchon, co-founder of She Negotiates Consulting and Training. “There’s not much poetry in an executive order that only requires reporting, but it acknowledges the existence of the pay gap, something many people do not believe exists. It’s an important first step.” Read More

What’s Really Holding Women Back from the C-Suite

Goldsmith, MarshallCertainly there are many factors contributing to the absence of women at the top of companies—sex discrimination, gender bias, the fact that people promote those who remind them of themselves, to name a few. But to Marshall Goldsmith, who has been coaching executives for 35 years, there is one simple—but not so easy—way to help close the leadership gap. “Fix childcare in this country,” says the author of Triggers: Creating Behavior That Lasts, Becoming the Person You Want to Be. “Make it more affordable, and more women will stay in their careers—and be promoted.” Read More