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Visit the New Interactive Hall

Open All Day
8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

We’re putting together an all-new Interactive Hall experience for 2023! Here are some highlights you’ll want to check out:

Celebrate with Us

  • Join our End of Day Party from 4pm – 5pm — featuring a live tunes from DJ Dayglow, snacks, and mocktails, provided by Ocean Spray!

Connect with Attendees & Experts

  • Stop by the Learning Stage, brought to you by Fidelity Investments, for mini-masterclasses throughout the day. (Details below.)
  • Engage in Small Group Peer Networking from 9:00–9:45 a.m., brought to you by Cisco. This session will be facilitated by Alejandra Mielke, Founder & CEO, Latina Power Coaching, and feature talent professionals representing Cisco.
  • Join us for a Career Connections Meet-Up panel from 2:00–3:00 p.m., brought to you by Cisco. Ask your questions about navigating transitions, getting promoted, and career advancement. Located in the Networking & Connections Area.
  • Visit Coaches Corner & Resume Review, brought to you by Takeda Pharmaceuticals, to work 1-on-1 with a career coach and have your resume professionally tweaked — day-of sign-up required; appointments are first-come, first-served.

Get Inspired

  • Visit the newly re-imagined Bookstore & Lounge, featuring a comfy lounge space. Have a chat with a friend or colleague, or browse books available for sale.
  • Purchase a book by one of the following authors, and you’ll have the chance to have it signed in person (located within the Bookstore area):
    • 1:15 p.m.
      • Dr. Joy Buolamwini
      • Angela Garbes
    • 4:30 p.m.
      • Kimberly Brown
      • Carol Fulp
      • Jenny Odell
  • Take a beat to be brave with State Street — snap a photo with the famous Fearless Girl statue!
  • Visit the Commonwealth Coloring Wall to add some color and learn how you can dream big and grow boldly!
  • Thanks to Lantheus for providing a Charging Station to make sure your devices stayed powered up!

Explore the Villages

  • Shop and support local businesses in the Women-Owned Business Village, brought to you by Bank of America.
  • Join us in the Community Village and learn how you can give back, get involved and support local community organizations today and throughout the year.
  • Treat yourself to a brand-new professional headshot, courtesy of Babson College.
  • Design and pot your own plant at Liberty Mutual’s “Wall of Growth.”

Stay Hydrated!

  • Bring your own water bottle to fill at the Hologic water station.

Small Group Peer Networking Meetup (9:00 – 10:00 a.m.)

Effective networking is a mix of give and take and these peer-to-peer Meetups are designed to do just that (and also take the intimidation out of networking). The Meetup is led by a facilitator who will guide participants through a series of prompts that will foster conversation and idea exchange. Everyone has the chance to “give” and to walk away with new insights, perspectives and connections. 

Facilitator: Alejandra Mielke, Founder & CEO, Latina Power Coaching

Featuring Talent Professionals representing Cisco

Networking Meetups will take place in the Networking & Connections Area. Advanced sign-up NOT required.

Learning Stage Lineup

Stop by the Learning Stage for mini-masterclasses throughout the day.

Featuring one speaker addressing a focused leadership, career, or personal development topic, these sessions also offer live audience Q&A.

8:45 – 9:10 a.m. | Token or Trendsetter? Reframing How We See Our Power at the Table
Speaker: Yaro Fong-Olivares, Executive Director, Gloria Cordes Larson Center for Women & Business, Bentley University

9:20 – 9:45 a.m. | Bringing Joy and Fun in the Workplace
Speaker: Fleurette King, DEI Strategic Partnership Leader, Cisco

1:45 – 2:10 p.m. | Navigating to Your True North: Small Steps, Monumental Wealth
Speaker: Michelle Vetovis, Senior Vice President, General Manager, Fidelity

2:30 – 2:55 p.m. | Resources to Start or Grow a Small Business
Speaker: Nancy Rosedale, Small Business Banking Market Manager, Bank of America

3:50 – 4:15 p.m. | Career Advice: Drink from the Well, but Use a Straw
Speaker: Deborah Glasser, Head, North America Commercial Operations, Vaccines, Sanofi

NEW: Career Connections Meetups (2:00 – 3:00 p.m.)

Join these audience-driven Q&A sessions with top talent professionals. Ask your questions about navigating transitions, getting promoted, and general career growth and advancement. Stay to mix and mingle afterward!

Facilitator: Alejandra Mielke, Founder & CEO, Latina Power Coaching

Featuring Talent Professionals representing Cisco

Career Connections Meetups will take place in the Networking & Connections Area. Advanced sign-up NOT required.

List of Exhibitors

Ada Ari Books
Booth 610

Afghan Women’s Workshop
Booth 366

Afri-root Collective
Booth 620

Alkermes, Inc.
Booth 656

Alleviate LLC
Booth 806

American Moving and Installation, Inc.
Booth 323

Antea Amoroso Design
Booth 911

Apprentice Learning
Booth 379

Booth 321

Booth 612

Aruba Tourism Authority
Booth 272

Ash & Rose
Booth 916

At Peace Arts
Booth 312

Booth 310

Awrah Care
Booth 407

Babacool Arts
Booth 506

Babson College
Booth 564

Bake it Till You Make it LLC
Booth 320

Balanced Card Sorts
Booth 922

Bank of America
Booth 423

Barbara Lee Family Foundation
Booth 577

Be Like Brit Foundation, Inc
Booth 579

Booth 225

Becca Schmill Foundation
Booth 470

Beeline, LLC
Booth 924

Bentley University Center for Women and Business
Booth 630

Big Sister Association of Greater Boston
Booth 270

Blue Monarch
Booth 216

Board Game Guides
Booth 518

Boston Children’s Hospital Trust
Booth 369

Boston Common Asset Management
Booth 406

Boston IVF
Booth 473

Bridegwater State University – College of Graduate Studies
Booth 549

Bryant University
Booth 172

Building Impact
Booth 833

C.K. Collins Consulting
Booth 933

Cancer Support Community Massachusetts
Booth 180

CARLA SHAW Sustainable Fashion
Booth 817

Caryn’s Corner
Booth 316

CAS Wealth Resources
Booth 317

Center for Women in Politics and Public Policy
Booth 373

Cervizzi & Associates
Booth 824

Chamber of Mothers
Booth 371

Charleston Shoe Co
Booth 618

Chetna Singh Scarves
Booth 725

Choose To Be Nice
Booth 325

Coleen Greco – Joyologist
Booth 217

Color Street
Booth 818

Commonwealth Financial
Booth 730

Commonwealth Kitchen
Booth 381

Cradles to Crayons
Booth 265

Dena Pavone Collection
Booth 813

Designs by Anke
Booth 512

Dharma Transitions
Booth 212

Divadend Footwear
Booth 724

Dovetail® Designs, LLC
Booth 420

Dream Big!
Booth 364

Ele and Phant
Booth 424

Endicott College
Booth 170

Engage Wellness Solutions
Booth 616

Exit 8480
Booth 173

Fidelity Investments
Booth 123

Booth 210

Flagship Pioneering
Booth 755

Flagship Private Wealth
Booth 223

Flavia Leal Institute – Sponsored by Bank of America
Booth 525

Booth 422

Flutter Eyewear
Booth 625

For Black Girls
Booth 418

Fortune Tees
Booth 923

Framingham State University
Booth 169

Fuel for Life
Booth 917

Booth 919

Globe Santa
Booth 955

Booth 831

Booth 222

Hadassah Northeast
Booth 468

Booth 517

Harvard Division of Continuing Education
Booth 370

HealthTech Build
Booth 478

Hologic, Inc
Booth 332

Booth 207

Hippy Pilgrim LLC
Booth 918

Hot Chocolate Balls
Booth 723

Booth 218

Huck Strategies, LLC
Booth 411

Human Being Human LLC/Next Level Partnership
Booth 273

ICF New England New England Chapter
Booth 956

In Women’s Health
Booth 954

Innovation Women
Booth 719

IVI Vision
Booth 419

Jennifer R Farmer
Booth 224

Jessibou’s Joy
Booth 619

Johnson & Johnson
Booth 551

Junior League of Boston
Booth 268

K. Becker Designs
Booth 822

Kathy Kamei Designs
Booth 318

Keolis North America
Booth 533

Booth 412

Lakay Fi
Booth 711

Booth 555

Booth 707

League of Women Voters of Massachusetts
Booth 271

Leavitt & Co.
Booth 410

Lesley University
Booth 469

Liberty Mutual
Booth 151

Booth 720

Little Brown Box
Booth 313

Live Your Best Life for You
Booth 477

Long Home Products
Booth 176

Love Balungi LLC
Booth 807

LP Vibes
Booth 821

M.I.E. Lifestyle LLC
Booth 913

Mama Sita’s Miracle Butter Cream
Booth 713

Marabou Jewelry
Booth 721

Booth 513

Mary Gagne Coaching
Booth 416

Mary Kay
Booth 816

Massachusetts Commission on the Status of Women
Booth 266

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Booth 269

Miniluxe, Inc.- Sponsored by Bank of America
Booth 519

MinkeeBlue, LLC
Booth 812

MIT Professional Education
Booth 464

Mixtape Candles
Booth 624

ML Lifestyle
Booth 611

Booth 622

Movement Remedies LLC
Booth 221

My Love Design
Booth 507

National Grid
Booth 631

National Ovarian Cancer Coalition
Booth 167

Nerdy Diva
Booth 718

New England Innovation Academy
Booth 264

Next Generation Wealth
Booth 920

Next Leadership Development Corporation
Booth 572

Nurture by NAPS
Booth 472

O’Connor Family Law, LLC
Booth 510

oHHo Botanicals
Booth 417

Booth 220

Pearls with Purpose
Booth 465

Booth 854

Phoenix BioPharma Group, LLC
Booth 368

Poppies with Purpose
Booth 319

Power 10 Advisory Partners
Booth 716

Project Have Hope
Booth 377

Booth 531

Pure Haven
Booth 213

Booth 925

Really Just Shae
Booth 623

Retro-Fit Technologies, Inc.
Booth 606

Salem State University
Booth 168

Scarf King
Booth 617

Scarlett Chase LLC
Booth 910

School on Wheels of Massachusetts
Booth 476

Score Boston
Booth 166

Sh*t That I Knit
Booth 921

Booth 650

Shop the Cue
Booth 823

SKM Collection
Booth 322

Sowing Opportunities, Inc.
Booth 481

Booth 516

State Street Corporation
Booth 133

Stonehill College Graduate Ed
Booth 171

Studio G
Booth 820

Booth 912

Booth 717

Booth 479

Surprise Cake
Booth 722

Suzy Becker
Booth 506

Booth 855

Booth 307

Tanzania School Foundation, Inc
Booth 367

Taza Chocolate
Booth 621

The Boston Club
Booth 178

The Boston Globe
Booth 957

The Federation for Children with Special Needs
Booth 164

The Naked Truth Luxury Boudoir
Booth 311

The Philanthropy Connection
Booth 578

The TJX Companies, Inc.
Booth 654

the US businesses of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany
Booth 451

The Woodward School for Girls
Booth 480

Tiffany Largie
Booth 208

Tiny Tags – Sponsored by Bank of America
Booth 521

Turning On The Lights Global Institute – Sponsored by Bank of America
Booth 523

Two B’s Accessories
Booth 219

Ulitmate Kronos Group (UKG)
Booth 930

Uncommon Threads
Booth 471

United Way – Sponsored by P&G Gillette
Booth 365

Booth 648

Vested Academics
Booth 372

Waffles & Honey Jewelry
Booth 906

Booth 931

WeBreathe Wellness
Booth 306

Booth 633

Booth 915

Women’s Business League
Booth 467

Women’s Foundation of Boston
Booth 466

Women’s Money Matters
Booth 576

Woom LLC
Booth 819

Woven Stories
Booth 907

Yes Yes Know
Booth 909

Youth Guidance (WOW) – Sponsored by Converse
Booth 165