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How to Spot a Liar: Teleclass Recap

Pamela MeyerDid you know that men tell eight times more self-oriented lies than women, and that women tell lies primarily to protect other people?

In our teleclass, How to Spot a Liar, Pamela Meyer explained the easy five-step BASIC system for getting to the truth. Scroll down to listen to the full 20-minute call.

Pamela discussed the easiest way to get to the truth fast, when you are being stonewalled by someone who doesn’t want to talk.

  1. B-Baseline: ask normal questions to get a reliable reference point on someone’s regular behavior, speech patterns, etc.
  2. A-Ask Open-Ended Questions: listen actively and find common ground.
  3. S-Study the Clusters of Clues: Look for nonverbal clues such as handwringing, touching objects, or posture shifts, and verbal clues such as qualifying language like “I swear to you.”
  4. I-Intuit the Gaps: Look for the holes in someone’s behavior, story, or emotions.
  5. C-Confirm: Make sure your hunches are correct before concluding that someone is lying.

Regardless of if you are looking to detect deception or build trust and improve your personal and professional relationships, this teleclass reveals the sophisticated lie-detection methods of security experts and interrogators, and arm you with proven techniques. Click the link below to listen.

Pamela Meyer is founder and CEO of Calibrate, a leading deception detection training company, and of social networking company Simpatico Networks. She holds an MBA from Harvard, an MA in Public Policy from Claremont Graduate School, and is a Certified Fraud Examiner. She has extensive training in the use of visual clues and psychology to detect deception and is the author of Liespotting.

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