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Crack the Confidence Code: Free Teleclass with Katty Kay June 24

Katty KayCrack the Confidence Code
Tuesday, June 24, 2014
1:00 PM to 1:30 PM (EDT)


Katty Kay’s shocking Atlantic cover story exposed a crucial career hurdle for women, and her new book, The Confidence Code, offers answers in this exclusive teleclass. Why do so few women—even women who have achieved unprecedented success in the public and private sectors—lack the self-assurance that drives many of their male colleagues? Join the free teleclass, June 24th 1:00 pm EDT.

In this teleclass Kay will explore:
•    Is confidence more important than competence?
•    What are women doing, or learning, wrong?
•    Can we blame our parents?
•    Does perfectionism impede confidence?
•    Is bravado confidence? Do we have to be jerks to be confident?
•     How important is it really, to our lives?
•    Is it possible to get more of it, even late in life?

Call-in details will be sent in your confirmation email upon registration.
Tweet highlights during the call using @MassWomen.

Katty Kay is the anchor of “BBC World News America,” based in Washington, D.C. She is also a frequent contributor to “Meet the Press” and “Morning Joe,” and a regular guest host for “The Diane Rehm Show” on NPR. In addition to her work on women’s issues, Kay has covered the Clinton administration sex scandal, three Presidential elections and the wars in Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq. She was at the Pentagon just 20 minutes after a hijacked plane flew into the building on 9/11 – one of her most vivid journalistic memories is of interviewing soldiers still visibly shaking from the attack. Kay grew up all over the Middle East, where her father was posted as a British diplomat. She studied modern languages at Oxford and is a fluent French and Italian speaker with some “rusty Japanese.” Kay juggles her journalism with raising four children with her husband, a consultant. Learn more here.



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