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2018 Session | Authentic Activism: Creating Change from 9-to-5…and Beyond

Whether you work at a startup, a large corporation, or for a small non-profit, turning your personal mission into your purpose at work can lead to great change in your life and in the world. Purpose can be found in any position because it’s not about your job title, it’s about your approach to your work. Anyone can spark change by integrating your mission, authenticity, passion, and giving back into one’s career and life. Online sensation Franchesca Ramsey, will share how she transformed her “viral moment” into a platform for social justice and ultimately became what she describes as an “Accidental Activist”. A panel of pioneers will discuss their personal journey to a forging a life of meaning. They will offer practical tips for driving change–even if you aren’t in charge of policy. We will explore what it means to be an authentic activist; how to create a clear vision, inspire supporters, and persuade decision makers.

Thought Leader: Francesca Ramsey, comedian, activist, television and YouTube personality

⚬ Kristy Dunchak, senior director of product management, Tyco converged solutions, building technologies & solutions, Johnson Controls
 Meredith (Max) Hodges, executive director, Boston Ballet
 Carmen Perez, executive director, The Gathering for Justice and national co-chair, Women’s March on Washington

Emcee: Judy A. Durkin, vice president, financial planning and analysis, Raytheon Company