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2016 Session | Everyday Activism: How You Can Amplify Your Voice to End Sexual Violence

Annie Clark, co-founder and executive director of End Rape on Campus and one of the main subjects of award-winning documentary The Hunting Ground is a survivor who has dedicated her life to supporting other survivors and fighting the battle against sexual assault on campuses across the nation. Beyond creating invaluable legislation, this session will feature Annie Clark as well as managing director Anna Voremberg, who together inspire young girls to unify and advocate for themselves and women’s rights. With interactive activities, you will not only learn about the facts surrounding sexual violence in high school and college, but you will learn how to make your voice heard and make a change in your community. You don’t need to be in a leadership role at a non-profit to get us closer to ending sexual violence. Your voice and your ideas matter, because you know your school and peers best. Attendees will leave armed and empowered to take charge, amplify their voices and make a change!


Annie Clark, co-founder and executive director, End Rape on Campus and inspiration behind The Hunting Ground
Anna Voremberg, managing director, End Rape on Campus

Emcee: Pooja Chandrashekar, founder and CEO, ProjectCSGIRLS