Rachel Cargle

2020 Speaker

RACHEL CARGLE is an activist, public academic, speaker, writer, and a prominent and provocative voice in intersectional and inclusive feminism. Cargle’s activist story began in 2017 with a photo taken in front of the U.S. Capitol at the Women’s March in Washington, D.C. Inspired by the iconic 1971 photo of feminist Dorothy Pitman Hughes and Gloria Steinem. The photo went viral, receiving overwhelmingly positive reactions. However, a month later, when Afropunk, a site with a readership mainly comprised of people of color, reposted the photo, Cargle received backlash from the community for attending a march primarily built on white feminism. Cargle realized that there was a difficult, but crucial conversation missing from the dialogue: feminism through the lens of race. Since 2017, Cargle has dedicated herself to researching feminist history in relation to race and educating others on her findings. Cargle is also a dynamic entrepreneur whose organization, The Loveland Group, houses a family of companies dedicated to lifelong culture, opportunity, and learning. Her upcoming book, I Don’t Want Your Love and Light, is an examination of the feminist movement that calls for a new, truely intersectional feminism. Sharing stories from her personal experiences and providing a history of feminism and its recorded exclusion of people of color, Cargle offers a toolkit for how to have difficult conversations and effectively advocate for and support others. Cargle writes a monthly column for Harper’s Bazaar and studies anthropology and women’s studies at Columbia University. She is also the executive editor of State of the Woman, a weekly newsletter delivering a roundup of women’s affairs to hundreds of subscribers. @rachelcargle

photo credit: Sarah McKay

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