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Nick Clooney

2018 Speaker

NICK CLOONEY has been a broadcaster since he was sixteen years old. For most of the intervening years, his focus has been radio and television news. His career has also encompassed hosting talk shows, researching and introducing “golden era” films for American Movie Classics, lecturing about news, American history and movies, writing a newspaper column three days a week, and authoring three books, including Nick: Collected Columns of Nick Clooney in 1997. When anchoring in Los Angeles, Clooney was selected as one of “the best in the business” of television news by Washington Review of Journalism. He has been inducted into the Cincinnati, Kentucky and Ohio Journalism Halls of Fame, named a Kentucky Distinguished Broadcaster and elected to the Ohio Radio and Television Broadcasters’ Hall of Fame.

He has received an EMMY for commentary and another for historical narration, and was nominated three times for National EMMYs for his work with American Movie Classics. He received an Honorary Doctorate of Fine Arts from Northern Kentucky University. In 2006, Clooney and his son George travelled to Darfur, Sudan and filmed a documentary, A Journey to Darfur. In fall 2008, Clooney joined the faculty at American University in Washington, D.C. as American University School of Communication and Newseum Distinguished Journalist in Residence, where he taught Opinion Writing in fall 2008, and Films that Changed Us, a new course based on his book, The Movies That Changed Us: Reflections on the Screen (Atria, 2002). In 2014, Clooney appeared in The Monuments Men, which was directed by his son, George Clooney, who played one of the leading characters, Stokes. He is married to Nina Warren Clooney, a writer, TV host and inventor.