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Michelle Hacunda

2017 Speaker

MICHELLE HACUNDA┬áis a higher education digital strategist and communications professional. She has worked at private and public higher education institutions. In a previous role at Santander Bank, she served as a communications and social media manager for the company’s global corporate social responsibility division Santander Universities. In this capacity, she successfully created and implemented communications and marketing plans with all types of higher education institutions on a national and international scale. At each institution, she focuses on finding the unique brand story. Hacunda believes that everyone has a story to be told. People are drawn to storytelling because stories tap into our deeper roots of humanity. Last Spring, she taught a digital storytelling course at Boston College for undergraduate seniors majoring in communications. Raised in Massachusetts, Hacunda graduated with an MS from Emerson College in 2016, receiving the Excellence in Global Stakeholder Communication award from Communication Studies. @michellehacunda