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Carolyn Muise

2016 Speaker

CAROLYN MUISE is vice president and chief customer officer for voice of the customer analytics and intelligence platform with Dell. Muise works to leverage big data and customer sentiment, proactively driving continuous improvements in technology, process, and information management and employee engagement, to enable Dell to drive optimal customer experience.  Previously she led EMC’s Total Customer Experience Program with revenues of $24.5 billion and 60,000 people worldwide.  In this role, Muise had operational responsibility for engagement with EMC’s customers, partners, and employees to drive quality, innovation and continuous improvement into its products, services and business operations. Under her leadership, EMC’s Total Customer Experience program has been recognized by the Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA) for its Innovation in Customer Commitment, Temkin Group for Customer Experience Excellence and Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA) for Customer Experience Impact.  Prior to this role, she led EMC’s Engineering Lab (E-Lab).  EMC’s E-Lab is a global operation considered the industry’s premier brand for rigorous, end-to-end interoperability testing and the development of “best-in-class” integrated solutions.  In this role, she led a team that worked closely with EMC customers, partners, vendors and competitors to promote integration across every major platform, operating system, and network element available for customer consumption. @camuise4 @dell