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Carol Fishman Cohen

2016 Speaker

CAROL FISHMAN COHEN is the CEO and co-founder of iRelaunch. She consults to some of the world’s largest corporations on developing career reentry programs to attract and hire experienced professionals returning to work after a career break. Her seminal Harvard Business Review article “The 40-Year-Old Intern” focuses on the use of the internship as a vehicle for employers to engage with this pool. It was selected as an “HBR article that changed the way I think” as part of HBR’s 90th anniversary recognition of HBR articles that made the biggest difference in readers’ and contributors’ lives. Cohen’s TED talk “How to get back to work after a career break” has been viewed nearly 1.4 million times and translated into 27 languages. Through her leadership, iRelaunch originated and co-leads the STEM Reentry Task Force with the Society of Women Engineers, in which 13 global, engineering-based companies, including IBM, GM, Ford, GE Power, and Johnson & Johnson, are piloting reentry internship programs. Cohen is the co-author of career reentry strategy book “Back on the Career Track.” Her return to work at Bain Capital after 11 years out of the full-time workforce is documented in a Harvard Business School case study. She is the mother of four Millennials and lives in Boston, MA.  Cohne earned an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School and a B.A. in economics from Pomona College. @irelaunch