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Carla Wright-Jukes

2019 Speaker

CARLA WRIGHT-JUKES possess a warrior’s mentality with a poet’s soul.  She has over thirty years’ experience in the project management field, across multiple industries. As a senior manager in Cisco Systems’ customer experience organization, she is an innovative problem solver, a thoughtful and collaborative manager and an effective communicator and decision-maker.  Wright-Jukes is also an inclusion and diversity practitioner whose deep knowledge and contagious enthusiasm has garnished her numerous public speaking engagements where she encourages her audiences to seek, leverage and celebrate difference. She is one of four children, raised by loving parents who embraced the “bloom where you are planted” philosophy required to thrive during their two decades of military service.  She continues to enjoy traveling the world, but has settled comfortably and contently in Durham, North Carolina where she relishes time with her two sons and her “ever” companion, Zane, the exuberate Labradoodle. Her recently published children’s book, A No Don’t Day, was her first formally documented literary adventure.