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Bridget Hindle

2016 Speaker

BRIDGET HINDLE is the senior vice president and director of diversity and inclusive leadership at Santander.  She is responsible for fostering an inclusive culture that embraces diversity as a core value while shaping Santander’s leadership culture.  Hindle is passionate about developing leaders, empowering the workforce, celebrating differences, and capitalizing on all of the strengths of each unique team member.  She joined the Bank in June 2001 and has been visionary human resources professional for over 20 years engaging team members through her energetic and creative style. Her mission is to create breakthrough innovation through diversity of thought and talent to provide greater value to team members, customers, shareholders and the greater community. Hindle is an advocate for women, both within her community and inside Santander. She is leading a new Santander Women Enrichment and Empowerment program and affiliated with The Governors Corporate Challenge, Bentley University, Babson College, 2020 Women on Boards, Women of ALPFA, The Partnership Inc., Main Line Chamber  Society for Professional Women, Berks County Women2Women, YWCA and other diverse community organizations that empower ALL women!. @santanderbankus