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Cook Along with Tabitha Brown

We’re thrilled to welcome actress, vegan foodie, and #1 New York Times best-selling author Tabitha Brown to our virtual Conference on December 1st! Use the recipe below to follow along with her cooking demonstration, which will take place during the afternoon keynote session.

Autumn Rainbow Salad


Mixed greens

Kale, stems and ribs removed, leaves chopped

Sliced or chopped yellow and orange bell peppers

Sliced or chopped purple (red) onion

Chopped tomato

Sliced or chopped cucumber

Sliced black olives

Sliced or cubed avocado

Dried cranberries

Sunflower seeds

Sea salt

Ground black pepper

Your favorite vegan zesty Italian or balsamic salad dressing, for serving


In a large bowl, combine the mixed greens, kale, bell peppers, onion, tomato, cucumber, and black olives. Gently toss all ingredients together.

Sprinkle on the avocado, dried cranberries, and sunflower seeds. Season with a pinch of salt and some black pepper.

Drizzle on your favorite dressing to taste.