The 2017 Conference Center

Relive the 2017 Conference with keynote clips, breakout session podcasts, and photos!




Session I: 10:00 am – 11:00 am

Connectional Intelligence: How to Get Big Things Done – with Erica Dhawan, Mary Beech, Christine Fraser, Dr. Jen Welter and Hannah Grove

The Confidence Divide: Closing the Gap to Achieve Career Success – with Grace Killelea and Lisa Britt

Ladies…Get Paid: Negotiate with Courage and Get What You Deservewith Claire Wasserman, Alex Dickinson, Lydia D. Bowers,  Irene Lam and Rachel Bloom-Baglin

Innovate with the Power of Onlyness with Nilofer Merchant and Lynn Tinney

Transition and Land Your “It”!with Lisa Skeete Tatum, Precillia Redmond, Celeste Warren, Gwen Wunderlich and Karen G. Butler

Build a Brand to Last: Strategies to Make Your Mark and Advancewith Courtney Rhodes, Maggie Drake, Amy McCoskey, Alex Wolf and Neela Pal

A Conversation on Life Hacks for Life Zen – with Brigid Schulte, Gretchen Stewart and Lenka Patten

The “Skinny” on How to Build a Cocktail for Success: A Fireside Chat with Skinnygirl Mogul Bethenny Frankel – with Bethenny Frankel, Linda Pizzuti Henry and Carolyn Muise

The Future of Modern Love – with Esther Perel and Kathryn Payne

Option B: Finding Joy in the Face of Adversity – with Adam Grant, Celeste Ng and Christina Luconi

The Gift of Failure – with Jess Lahey and Carolyn Wintner

Session II: 11:30 am – 12:30 pm

How to Get Buy-In to Pioneer Equity in Your Organization – with Megan Costello, Jeffery Tobias Halter, Cindy Robbins and Aparna Rayasam

How to Build and Harness a Meaningful Networkwith Shelley Zalis, J. Kelly Hoey, Pinar Kip, Jennifer Romolini and Shri Madhusudhan

Navigating Office Politics…and Difficult Peoplewith Dr. Amy Cooper Hakim and Jodi-Tatiana Charles

Managing Up: A Strategic Approach to Success in the Workplacewith Deb Pine, Denise Cox, Meeta Gulyani, Celeste Headlee and Candace L. Sutcliffe, Esq.

Mastering Civility: A Manifesto for the Workplacewith Christine Porath and Anuja Singh

Pioneer Your Big Life: How to Use Grit and Perseverance to Your Advantagewith Ann Shoket, Shanna Deng, Barbara Lynch, Dani Rylan and Stacie Sloane

Learning to Drop the Ball and Achieve More by Doing Lesswith Tiffany Dufu and Colleen Richards Powell

Global Citizenship: The Powerful Convergence of Everyday Life and Social Impactwith Nilofer Merchant, Asha Curran, Pamela Erickson, Abby Falik and Laura Schroeder

Live Richer with the One Week Budget with Tiffany “The Budgetnista” Aliche and Donna Watson

Get Over Your S*it, Be a Badass, and Start Enjoying Lifewith Jen Sincero and Dr. Jodi Ashbrook

What We Build: Finding Your Voice Through the Power of Spoken Word – with  Sarah Kay and Meredith DeWitt

Session III: 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Resources and Strategies for Parenting Children in Behavioral or Emotional Crisiswith Sandra Fenwick, Jess Lahey, Dr. Peter Raffalli and Dr. Sarah Spence

ENCORE: The Confidence Divide: Closing the Gap to Achieve Career Successwith Grace Killelea and Jackie Gadsden

ENCORE: Connectional Intelligence: How to Get Big Things Donewith Erica Dhawan and Jane Bowman

ENCORE: The Joy Manifesto: Life Hacks for Life Zenwith Gretchen Stewart and Carol Lee Mitchell

Challenging the Status Quowith Whitney Johnson, Lisa Considine, Michelle Cully and Angela McClure

The User Manual: Instructions for How You Work as a Managerwith Adam Bryant, Abby Falik and Laurie Voke

Strategies for Closing the Diversity Gapwith Mirtha Kastrapeli, Lynn Blake, Hannah Grove, Kathy Horgan and Kara Hutchinson

WORK IT: The Secret for Success for Women in Business Today – with Carrie Kerpen