Workplace Summit


December 6, 2017 | 1-5pm

Boston Convention & Exhibition Center

Featuring Adam Grant on “Building a Culture of Originality.” Grant is The Wharton School’s top-rated professor, recognized as one of HR’s most influential international thinkers and best-selling author of Option B (co-authored with Sheryl Sandberg)

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Pioneer Equity Through Gender Partnership

Now is your chance to join the movement and champion change for women in the workplace. The Summit offers the most cost-effective and time-efficient way to gain access to the nation’s top strategists on these issues. Our content is not theory-based—it is structured around real and current challenges managers face while trying to improve their group’s performance.


Power in organizations is shared across a largely male network, resulting in deep gaps in pay and job level for equally skilled and ambitious women employees. Everyone knows that a diverse workforce unlocks innovation and drives market growth, yet many managers continue to ignore the facts to the detriment of their bottom line. Gender equality doesn’t just affect women!


Judge and compensate everyone by the same standard, provide equal opportunities for women and men, and ultimately build stronger businesses and bottom line results. Make diverse staffing a business imperative required at all levels from all managers. Women and men work together to create a workplace that works for everyone.

Our approach is geared toward action. It will chellenge the participants to think differently about staffing and create a workplace that evaluates, compensates & offers opportunities for everyone by the same standard.

This afternoon of lectures and workshops will be particularly valuable to mid-level managers and up. Men, of course, are most welcome!


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Get a sense of what to expect at this year’s summit by browsing last year’s program:

12:45 pm:  Registration/Arrival          

1:00 pm: Welcome Remarks and Keynote on Organizational Transformation featuring MIKE ABRASHOFF, “New York Times” best-selling author, “It’s Your Ship” 

2:00 pm: Networking Break

2:15-4:00 pm: Breakout Workshop: Pioneering Equity Through Gender Partnership

(Participants are divided into three rooms for workshop featuring same content, but allowing a smaller environment to learn and engage.) 

Led by a subject matter expert and featuring a case study executive to share real-life examples, each workshop offers collaborative strategies relevant across genders to achieve inclusion critical in pioneering equity and creating workplaces that work for everyone. Using a blend of research-and-practice based insights and applications relevant for the work setting, attendees will explore unique gender specific challenges facing leaders as individuals and managers, learn how assumptions and work culture influence efforts to advance women and identify hurdles to men’s engagement in workplace inclusion. Interactive small group activities will join together men and women to allow for a common understanding of today’s current work environment and culture. Participants will focus on developing skills to build inclusive and equitable workplaces through role-plays that practice empathetic and active listening, identifying and interrupting bias and/or exclusionary behavior and working across differences. Offering a safe forum to listen, learn and engage with experts and peers, participants will leave with concrete takeaways to:

•  Build a business case to engage men as advocates for change within their organization and ultimately sell this internally;
•  Recruit, retain and promote in a way that offers equitable opportunities for women;
•  Foster a culture where power is shared more equitably and ensure all ideas are heard and considered;
•  Ways to form closer ties across gender and partner together more effectively.

4:00 pm: Networking Break

4:15 pm: Welcome Remarks and Workshop Summaries

4:35 pm: Closing Keynote featuring ELIZABETH NYAMAYARO, senior advisor to the executive director of UN Women, and head of the #HeForShe Global Movement

Join the Solidarity Movement for Gender Equality in the Workplace
Around the world, many women struggle for equality – not just in the workplace, but shockingly even in basic matters like having the right to drive and to marry when and whom they choose. Gender inequality is an issue that affects all genders and societal issues can’t be solved with only half of society. That’s why we ALL need to address these issue as allies united for change – but how? Meet Elizabeth Nyamayaro, the driving force behind the groundbreaking HeForShe movement, which created over 2 billion online conversations and inspired 100,000 men to sign up in the first few days, including at least one man in every country in the world.  Now, with more than 1.3 million men and boys on board, HeForShe has become one of the most important social movements in the world today. Drawing on concepts learned from the Summit Workshops, along with Nyamayaro’s personal experiences and stories of change, you will walk away inspired to join as allies in women’s empowerment, and prepared to champion change in your workplace today! 

5:00 pm: Closing Remarks


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Registration Opens June 7, 2017

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