A Celebration of Women’s Stories of Hope and Inspiration

Presented by Target and the Conferences for Women

Target Storytellers featuring diverse women laughing, celebrating, and sharing stories of hope and inspiration

The news tells one story these days. But women’s lives tell another—of women rising up, showing their resilience and empowering others, to help their families, colleagues and communities during this uniquely challenging moment in our world.

That’s why Target and the Conferences for Women are returning to the storytelling tradition this community has developed in recent years to celebrate stories of women supporting women and the greater community —and inviting your stories now.

Because when this is over, we want to share all the small and big moments that went into our surviving the most challenging circumstances we have ever faced together.

So, please—for yourself and for the other women you will empower by sharing your story—take a moment to share a story of uplift. It can be about you or someone you know having positive impact on others.

Here’s how to do it

  • Where to submit: Please submit your story using the form below.
  • Examples: Stories can vary from women delivering critical medical care on the front lines of the health crisis, to driving local movements for social justice, to delivering meals for those most vulnerable. All good acts, large or small, count.
  • Timing: Now through September 11, 2020

What we’ll do

  • Share select stories on the Conferences for Women social media channels
  • Recognize select stories in our newsletter, “The Conference in Your Inbox”
  • Three entries will be highlighted on the Conference for Women main stage (including 2 tickets to the event and $500 Target Gift Card).

The Fine Print

  • Entries cannot be edited after they are submitted, so please check your facts, find the right photo (at least 1080 x 1080), and proofread before you submit.
  • Having your submission shared on social media does not automatically qualify your submission for the Conference for Women prize package.
  • Those selected for the main stage opportunity at the Conference for Women will be responsible for transportation to/from the Conference.
  • We may ask select storytellers to share more of their story via audio or video.
  • Target and the Conference for Women may share any of the stories we receive with members of the Target and/ or CFW communities. We will not notify you if your story is going to be featured.

2020 Target "Storytellers" Contest

  • (Please keep it under 250 words)
  • If your story is selected, this picture may be used on social media or other Conference for Women communications.
  • Optional. (We're @MassWomen on Twitter and Insta!)
  • (The "entrant" is the person submitting this entry. Yes, the entrant and the nominee can be the same person!)
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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