A Celebration of Women’s Stories

presented by Target and the Conference for Women

Target is excited to join the Conference for Women as an official sponsor. This new partnership will focus on CELEBRATING YOU. Together, we want to help you find inspiration, provoke conversation, discover new connections and create a greater sense of community.

As a company, Target is guided by a single purpose: To help all families discover the joy in everyday life. And we know women play an active and essential role in every family. That’s why we want to recognize you and all you’ve achieved, experienced and overcome to find joy in your life or bring happiness to others.

One way we honor the contributions of women is by sharing our stories. We invite you to share yours and you might be one of five women recognized on the main stage during one of the keynote sessions. Each winner will also receive a FREE pair of tickets at a reserved table up front and a $500 gift card from Target!
The kinds of things we want to know are thought starters to help you tell your authentic story:

* How do you help bring joy to others and yourself?
* What challenges have you overcome?
* How have you made a meaningful contribution to your community? 
* How have you made a positive impact on other women?
* How has your involvement with the Conference for Women helped you grow personally or professionally?

The entry period is now closed. Winners will be notified by November 21, 2018.

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