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Stella Low

2016 Speaker

STELLA LOW is the senior vice president of global communications with Dell. She is a senior marketing and communications professional with over 25 years of experience in the IT and technology sectors. Low is a specialist in marketing communication strategy and reputation and brand enhancement. In her current role, she leads global communications for Dell Technologies, a global company of 140,000 employees. Low and her team’s primary focus is to positively influence the influencers by managing, enhancing and protecting the reputation of Dell Technologies and its brands including Dell and EMC. Low’s previous experience includes transformations of global and regional communication functions, brand change-out programs, message makeovers, major launches, executive communications plans, crisis and change management, marketing research and thought leadership and multi-media content programs to promote increased awareness and brand favorability. Most recently, she led the internal and external communications for the biggest technology merger ever between Dell and EMC. Prior to Dell, she led the global communications at EMC.  Low was presented with the prestigious EMC John Howard Award for Common Sense Marketing Excellence in 2011. Before this, she worked for Unisys, where she managed the reputation of the company across EMEA using PR, social media, internal and executive communication channels. @dell