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Rita Ng

2016 Speaker

RITA NG is the founder and owner of Boston Bonbon, which she founded in late 2014 with $5000 in savings. Boston Bonbon specializes in making French macarons in unique flavors like maple bacon, vietnamese iced coffee, earl grey, Thai iced tea and hibiscus flower. She has been featured in The Boston Globe, Boston Magazine, Arlington Wicked Local and Scout Somerville. Ng is constantly running around doing production, sales, marketing, web design and customer support, as she runs her business as a one-woman show. This schedule is certainly very different from her previous life, when she was an Android programmer for cell phone apps. Knowing there was a void inside of her, she forged toward entrepreneurship. Ng strives to make a difference, and not just a number in a big company. Recently she opened a store with two other aspiring food entrepreneurs like herself in Arlington, called The Local Fare. It has a small storefront and kitchen where she makes the French macarons in house for retail, catering and wholesale. The store also sells all things made locally in MA, with the concept of bringing the farmers market to your local neighborhood. @bostonbonbon